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Gavin Hooper
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Gavin Hooper is a Professional Comedy Hypnotist & Motivational Entertainer. Gavin has been motivating and entertaining people for over 18 years, he is truly a “Master” in his field.

Experience: Gavin has been involved with hypnosis for over 18 years, and is so confident that you and your guests will be amazed and enchanted with the show, he offers his services with an un heard of Money-Back Guarantee! (Some conditions apply) Starting out as a clinical hypnotist, he began helping people to make positive changes by letting go of their old beliefs and replacing them with ones of confidence and success. Quickly he discovered that his clients responded more readily to his suggestions when given in an environment of light heartedness than in the typical “how does that make you feel” hypnotherapy sessions of the past. It was a short step then to carry his amazing talents from the clinic to the stage. Gavin Hooper has performed his comedy hypnosis shows internationally as well, from Canada to India and everywhere in between. Many countries have welcomed him, with his unique style and natural stage presence it guarantees every one of his hypnotic performances will be fun, entertaining and memorable.

Performance Style: Hooper uses his knowledge and powerful suggestions to create a dream like state where positive emotions and sociable attitudes can be generated, allowing people on and off the stage to feel better. It’s true that “laughter is the best medicine”, and Hooper has cured more than his share of participants and watchers alike! With a an intimate understanding of human nature, and a quick yet quirky sense of humor his hypnosis shows range from humorous and motivational, to downright hilarious! To this day, his driving passion is to continue developing his own abilities, while introducing others, whether in his office or through stage-hypnosis and comedy, to the powerful abilities for positive changes they hold within themselves.

Why hire Gavin Hooper? Gavin is a brilliant Entertainer. If you’re looking for entertainment that is truly unique, Gavin Hooper’s Comedy Hypnosis Shows will have your friends and colleagues raving about it for years to come. With more than 18 years of experience, and thousands of shows under his belt, Gavin is Canada’s most experienced Comedy Hypnotist! Performances are tailored to meet the needs of your guests. Guaranteed to be humorous and captivating. Please note that Gavin is not a night club act although he’d be happy to give your club patrons a great show too, however, please keep in mind that Hooper does not offer “X” or “R” rated shows. There is, of course, some fun adult subtle innuendo… How better to demonstrate to clients, staff or good friends your superb taste in entertainment than providing an experience they will never forget! A few of his hypnotic specialties are: corporate events, graduations, fundraisers, collages, fairs, and anywhere else a great time is wanted.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Special Events, Private Events, Corporate Events, Charity Events, Conventions, Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Dry Grads, Fundraisers, Conventions, Conferences, Christmas Office Parties & Holiday Events, Customer and/or Staff Appreciation Parties, Cruise Ships, Festivals and Fairs, Team Building Events, Frosh Week, AGM, Award Parties, and Retreats.

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“Thank you so much for performing at the Arlington Pharmacy holiday party. Everyone absolutely enjoyed the show and your great sense of humor; you were the topic of conversation for weeks afterwards! Your show introduction and your assurances not to humiliate anyone definitely set everyone at ease and paved the way for an entertaining, fun-filled evening. As a meeting planner, I appreciate that I can count on you to delight any audience and you have done so every time that I have hired you. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”
Kerry Munnich – Arlington Pharmacy

“We were thrilled to have Gavin join our Canada Day events roster. The show in the Market Square courtyard was a huge hit with people of all ages! Gavin’s show was fascinating, highly entertaining, and a very welcome addition to the Day’s events. Thanks again Gavin!”
Taryn Malcolm, Marketing Coordinator, Downtown Victoria Business Association.

“Gavin Hooper is a true comedic genius whose hypnotic talent is conducted in a very professional non-threatening manner and who truly believes in the positive power of the mind. Not only is he very personable and enthusiastic, but he has a way of smoothly easing the crowd in and then delivering a non-stop laughing show. His show is one that we will be raving about for a long time to come and we will definitely be making plans to invite him again for future events. Thank you Gavin!”
McLeod Lake Indian Band”.

“After seeing Gavin Hooper’s hypnotist show at another company’s party a year ago, I decided we had to have him perform at our company’s winterfest. We hire a different form of entertainment every year for our company’s party, and the general consensus from staff is that this year was the best, and I’m certain the most memorable. The people that were hypnotized have been very relaxed this week and sleeping better, and in fact one them said his golf swing came back the day after the party.”
Ray Lebel – Travel Underwriters

“Many, many thanks for a wonderful evening. I have had nothing but positive feedback from my clients and friends regarding the evening, and in particular, your show. You kept your word about being utterly professional and tasteful while being hysterically funny – just what I was looking for. Many people have commented that they would like to hire you for their own corporate events.”
Sheila O’Brien – Sheila O’Brien Real Estate

Past Clients
London Drugs
The Butchart Gardens
Travel Underwriters
Windsor Plywood
Downtown Victoria Business Association
A Weyerhaeuser Business
Edward Jones
High Country Inn
Princess Cruise Line
The Barcel Hotel (Mexico)