Gery Schubert

Gery Schubert
Topics: Stand Up Comedians
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Gery Schubert is a professional Actor, Comedian, Teacher, Speaker, and Performer. Gery has more than 20 years performing and teaching, and a lifetime of creative ideas. He is best known as “the man of a thousand voices, a hundred faces and at least 12 wigs.”

Experience: Gery has performed on film, T.V., radio, stage, and for numerous corporations, conferences, churches, and schools from across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico His performances have ranged from Disney’s “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” to regular comic engagements at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Performance Style: Gery delivers a hilarious Celebrity Impersonations Comedy Show. You have probably seen or heard of some of Gery’s character events from Austin Powers/Dr. Evil Sixties Events to Captain Stubby and the Love Boat Banquets to Elvis, Richard Simmons, Don Cherry, Dr. Phil, Dame Edna, a Mock Academy Awards night, Julia Chilled Cooking Show, Angus McAngus Golf Tournament, etc.

Why hire Gery Schubert? Gery’s 20 years of performing and teaching, and a lifetime of creative ideas, is sure to find some way of getting your message across. If fun, heart-warming, inspirational, team building, spirit building entertainment is what you want, Gery is just the ticket. The characters, themes, ideas are endless – it’s whatever you and Gery can create together. You need the man of a thousand voices, a hundred faces and at least 12 wigs. A man with unending ideas and possibilities.

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“We had a great time! Rene Mauve Toupee (Gery Schubert) was tremendously funny and the whole evening was extremely enjoyable in addition to benefitting an excellent cause!”
Sean Durfy, President & CEO Westjet Airlines

“The Night was a Great success and a large part of that success was due to the enthusiasm that Wild Bill (Gery Schubert) himself brought to the event.”
Tracy Gustafson, Project Manager Enigma Marketing, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Your antics as Angus McAngus set this year’s event apart from all others…..your ability to create a unique, fun golf tournament and auction experience for our guests, helped to raise $1 million for the Hospital Foundation.”
Dianne Young, President & CEO Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“He worked the crowd like none other I had seen before – had the whole crowd dancing by 9:15 A.M.!”
Terry Konas, Chevron Canada

“His humor is clean, his impersonations marvelous, and his stand-up comedy drop-dead funny. Gery can make people laugh until they sit up and reevaluate their lives, their careers, and their relationships.”
Phil Callaway – author of 9 bestsellers, including “Making Life Rich Without Any Money”

“…Captain Stubby’s (Gery’s) wonderful humor continued to keep the evening on a roll. He made us all laugh either as a group or individually as he enthusiastically went from table to table spreading ‘love and laughter’.”
Randy Eresman – CEO Encana

“His role as MC character “Rudy Richards” for the Survivor game was key to making it successful both as an enjoyable activity for Petro Canada employees and as an effective fund raiser for our United Way Campaign.”
Bob King – National Chairman Petro Canada United Way Campaign