Glen Foster

Glen Foster
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Glen Foster, aka “That Canadian Guy,” has been a headliner on the Canadian comedy circuit for over twenty five years. His Gemini nominated comedy special “That Canadian Guy” struck a chord for its hilarious, but dead on portrayal of the conflicted Canadian psyche. After it aired, he received a flood of congratulatory e-mail, much of it along the lines of: “I couldn’t remember your name, but I remembered ‘That Canadian Guy’.”

A former advertising executive, Glen typifies the middle-aged, middle-class, middle-management “average guy” who’s struggling desperately to keep pace with an ever-changing world. Beneath his quiet, reserved exterior, there is frustration, confusion and angst. Fortunately Glen channels this energy into some of the most clever and imaginative comedy anywhere.

Experience: Glen Foster has performed in The United States, Great Britain and Australia. Glen recently starred in his own Comedy Network Special, “That Canadian Guy”, and has appeared on numerous other television shows including CBC’s “Comics”, “Just for Laughs”, “Open Mike” and “Comedy at Club 54”. Glen has also written for a number of television shows, and has even provided humorous political commentary for CTV’s “W-Five.” He has made four appearances at “Just For Laughs”, the renowned Montreal International Comedy Festival. He has also been invited to other comedy festivals around the world, including The Chicago Comedy Festival and “The Mayfest” in Glasgow, Scotland. Glen has been the “on board” entertainment on a number of cruises as well, and has made two trans-Atlantic crossings.

Comedy Style: Glen’s act is not just a string of one-liners, but an intricate, interwoven pattern of humorous and often thought-provoking ideas and observations. His delivery alternates between laid back, low key musing and sudden explosive ranting. He’s topical, political, and occasionally even “politically incorrect”. Most of all though, he’s just very very funny.

Glen’s comedy appeals to those people who appreciate a more intelligent and slightly “edgy” brand of humour. His material is mostly clean and always clever, topical and timely, reflecting his own experiences as well as current events and popular culture. He’s also not afraid to inject his own political and often “politically incorrect” opinions and social commentary. It’s all in good fun though, and his intention is never to shock or offend.

Why hire Glen Foster? Looking for a way to liven up your next meeting, sales pitch or training seminar? How about a little “custom comedy? As a comedian and former advertising/marketing professional, Glen Foster has the necessary skills and background to put together an entertaining and informative business presentation on virtually any subject.

Glen’s unique blend of clever, observational humour and his ability to entertain a wide variety of audiences have made him a favorite at company parties, charity functions, sales conferences, golf tournaments and other corporate functions. He relates well to a wide range of audiences and is able to quickly grasp the basic operation of virtually any business or organization. His routine usually includes several jokes that are “custom tailored” for the group.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Special Events, Cruise Ships, Corporate Events, Private Events, Charity Events, Casino Events, Celebrity Speaking Events, Conventions, Trade Shows, and Comedy Shows.

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“Glen Foster’s wit and humor proved very captivating for this diverse gathering. His character was quite pleasant and personable, his material very flexible and stimulating. It was quite apparent he was well informed on current events which only served to enhance the mood of an attentive and responsive crowd.”
Sudbury Regional Police Association

“Your intelligent humor as you call it, is a relief from the regular brand often found in clubs. Although you had a tough crowd, you were able to read the audience and respond well with the topics which seemed to work best, we would not hesitate to use your services in the future.”
Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association

“Thanks so much for making our Association’s 25th Anniversary celebration such a success. We all worked so hard to put everything together and your comedy routine proved to put the icing on the cake. Can we book you for next year, please!!!”

Ontario Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association

“I thought it would be appropriate to drop you a line to thank you for your excellent performance at our National Sales and Service Meeting. The feedback we got after the show was excellent. Thanks for helping us cap off an excellent meeting.”