Jeff Richards

Jeff Richards
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Jeff Richards is Western Canada’s Hottest Mentalist. By blending natural abilities and learned skills, Jeff tests the limits of what is possible by using intuition and the ability to communicate without words. Whether the name of a first love or the pin number from a bank card; nothing in your mind is safe from Jeff Richards.

Experience: Jeff Richard’s, proclaimed “the world’s next Kreskin”, has captivated audiences across Canada with his highly interactive, fun and action packed show. From Victoria, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia; thousands have witnessed Jeff pulling intimate thoughts from the minds of his audience and performing incredible feats of mentalism.

Jeff’s youth was spent delving into the paranormal, attending University and performing on stage. His future and direction changed when he discovered it was possible to blend his love of the paranormal and his own natural intuitive ability with the world of entertainment and spectacle. Jeff’s thoughts and past experiences were forever changed, again, when Jeff survived a car collision involving 4 vehicles. It had been only weeks prior that Jeff had had a dream about that very accident; seeing, feeling and experiencing every detail as if it was really occurring. The several weeks of bed confinement that followed the accident allowed Jeff the time to analyse and question everything he had known about intuition.

In addition to reading body language, knowing someone’s thoughts and teaching others how to enhance their natural intuitive skill, Jeff has also shown that it is possible to predict the future. He is responsible for predicting a number of global events long before they occurred; from the outcome of a major American trial, the removal of Pluto’s planetary status, to government elections and national sporting events. Jeff and his predictions have been featured on both the radio and in print.

Performance Style: The audience is treated to something that goes beyond simple entertainment. They are given an experience that will grab them from the moment Jeff Richards walks onto the stage and doesn’t let go until the stunning end. Throughout the experience their personal memories and identities become part of the show; their minds take center stage as they quickly realize that their thoughts are no longer their own. Jeff begins to pull intimate thoughts and hidden desires from minds all over the audience.The experience is never embarrassing and will leave spectators wanting to be a part of the show.

Personality: “We give too much credence and credit to the word coincidence. Casting off moments that are extraordinary in nature as being simply “coincidental”. We quite often will have moments of genuine intuitive clarity that we down play and remove great levels of significance from. As you read this I encourage you to stop doing this. I encourage you to realize that nothing in your world is coincidental. Coincidence is a fallacy – it does not exist.” Jeff Richards

Why hire Jeff Richards? Jeff is inviting you to venture into the unknown territory of the human mind. Jeff can customize for any event you may have. In a performance Jeff Richards will take your guests through demonstrations which showcase the untapped potential of the human mind.

Jeff will weave the personal experiences and information of the audience into the presentation. The audience is asked to focus on personal bits of information that only they could possibly know. Throughout the show these “secrets” are sent to him through the power of the human mind. This information can be as simple as their favourite color or as in depth as the name of their first crush! Jeff is able to reveal the information with incredible accuracy! Make sure Jeff Richards, Western Canada’s Hottest Mentalist, is there to make your next event legendary!

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Parties, Conferences.Corporate Events, Cruise Lines, Comedy Festivals, Sports Events, Casino Events, Charity Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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“Jeff captivated our guests with his mastery of the human mind and charisma”
Hospitals of Regina Foundation

“Jeff demonstrated professionalism and determination and amazed our clients night after night. He entertained and shocked, and our clients were left talking”
Claire Blanger-Parker, President C n T Event Management

“Energetic, Exciting and Entertaining! An act that keeps you guessing days afterwards”

“Jeff Richards is the next Kreskin”
Lisa Koch, Little Bald Angels

“Jeff Richards is the next Kreskin”
C.C. of Z99

“Jeff’s professionalism and versatility allow him to integrate perfectly into your event. Jeff gets my highest recommendation!”
Lynn Hoffman, Brown Communications

Past Clients
Globe Theater
Co-Op International
The Co-Operators
Sask Energy
Conexus Credit Union
Evraz Place
Rawlco Radio
Brown Communications
The Saskatchewan Justice Association
Crown Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan
Wheaton Chevrolet
The Regina Symphony Orchestra
The Hospitals of Regina Foundation
Casino Regina
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