John Park

John Park
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John Park is a Comedy Entertainer who entertains audiences with his “Comedy & Juggling Show” and the “Funny Waiter Show”.

Experience of Entertainer John Park 

John Park became a professional juggler when he was just 14, working with Mike Goudeau, another Comedy Industries regular. John’s wide-ranging career has taken him from Hollywood, where he appeared on HBO’s award-winning “Larry Sanders Show” starring Garry Shandling, to Las Vegas, where he performed in “Splash” at the Riviera Hotel and Casino on the Strip. At the invitation of the late Bill Graham, John opened for Huey Lewis and the News, The Grateful Dead, and the Jerry Garcia Band. He’s performed on Persian rugs in Saudi Arabia for ex-pat oil workers, and even taken his act to sea, where he’s played for the passengers of the SS Azure Seas as well as Senator Dianne Feinstein on a historic schooner, the Dolph Remp.

John’s engaging performances have won over audiences like top executives at Microsoft and IBM, for whom he’s put together corporate shows, Ontario television viewers who were lucky enough to catch John on CityTV’s Breakfast Television, and festival-goers around the world, including attendees at the New Zealand Festival of the Arts, the legendary Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the Moers Comedy Festival in Germany, where John wowed the audience for eight straight hours as the festival’s emcee.

The Funny Waiter Show

The Funny Waiter is very proud to present a classic routine some thought was lost to the ages – Plate Spinning! Nine at once! This plate spinner is not a rude waiter. Instead he gets his laughs – as much as any stand up comic or comedian – with original comedy routines involving food, drink, music, and more. Witness a classic plate spinning routine that will astound your audience. The epic water drinking duel is always a crowd favorite! Who’s feeling parched? Nothing quenches a thirst like a bottle of cool clear water. Imported, of course. Savor every last drop.

The Comedy and Juggling Show 

Comedy, comedy, comedy. That’s what this act is all about. But John Park is no joke-telling stand-up comic. Instead, this performer uses clever juggling and visually engaging comedy routines set to music to make his audience laugh. The crowd is with John all the way – even on stage, as volunteers take part and challenge John laugh for laugh for the comedic spotlight. See marshmallows become airborne appetizers, watch an epic water drinking contest. Food and drink based comedy routines, juggling, audience participation and more all rolled up in one action packed, laugh filled extravaganza.

The performance finishes with a real showstopper: Aided by two able-bodied volunteers, John mounts a 6-foot unicycle, juggles three clubs, and, with a comic commentary running the whole time, throws the last club under his leg – the crowd goes wild! The Comedy & Juggling Show pays off big – big laughs, big tricks, and a big, big finish!

Corporate Events: Tailor the show to your group with insider info. Before his appearance, John will quiz you on industry buzzwords, company jargon, and hot topics particular to your group. Equipped with this insider info, John ad-libs cutom one-liners for big laughs amid his hilarious set pieces. John’s material is ultra clean. Always has been. Always will be. Plus, John’s visual brand of comedy transcends different backgrounds, geographies, and demographics. Everyone in your audience will enjoy it.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Corporate Events, Sports Events, Comedy Clubs, Festivals, Casino Events, Charity Events, Variety Shows, Cruise Lines, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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“I am still hearing rave reviews. Thanks for making me a hero!”
– Rhonda Butler, Sun Management

“I have never seen our associates laugh so much!”
– Lana Batten, Network Two

“The most unique act I’ve ever booked!”
– Bobbi Gelman, Livonia Ltd.

“Absolutely Spectacular”
– Wayne Geoffrey, Ford

Clients (Partial List)

ABC Pictures
Anderson Consulting
Bank of America
Black and Decker
Blue Shield
Digital Equipment Corporation
Fireman’s Fund
Hewlett Packard
Pioneer Standard