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John Wing
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John Wing is a Canadian comedian and author from Sarnia, Ontario. For more than two decades, John has performed comedy all over Canada and the United States.

Experience: John Wing Jr. was born during the Diefenbaker administration and grew up in Sarnia, Ontario. John Wing’s comedy career began in Toronto in 1980, and by the mid-80s he was headlining clubs across North America.

In 1987 John went to L.A. for the first of what is now over 100 television appearances, and in 1990 he got what all performers dream of, his first shot on the Tonight Show. To date, John Wing has appeared on The Tonight Show six times, once with Johnny Carson. John has written and performed three hour long comedy specials in the last six years, as well as three books of poetry published by Mosaic Press.

Last year John published a book called Ventriloquism For Dummies, a memoir of his first ten years as a comedian. He also released his first comedy CD, Cold Storage -Live in Winnipeg. John is a regular performer in Las Vegas, as well as cruise ships all over the world.

Personality: What can be said about John Wing that hasn’t already been said by a score of reporters, reviewers, and loan sharks?

5 Questions With John Wing (CUTC –

CUTC: “Why is supporting mental health in our community important and how do you think laughter can help?”

JW: “Supporting mental health is important because those who suffer from mental health problems are not always as recognizable as those who suffer from more obvious disabling diseases and handicaps. And so we tend to dismiss the problems those people have or not give money and help to treat them, since they seem so ephemeral. Laughter is important because it alone relaxes your muscles, boosts your immune system, and sends pain-healing endorphins to all parts of you. Laughing at something requires you to understand it.”

On Passions: “As you get older, your passions change. My newest passion is trousers with elastic waistbands. I’ve become a collector. I buy them on E-Paunch. I think if you use the word trousers regularly you’re officially getting older. That’s what happens when you get older, you start using longer words. Pants become “trousers.” Boots become “galoshes.” Glasses become “spectacles.” Sex becomes “impossible.” John Wing (http://www.sfaproductions)

Why hire John Wing? When’s the last time someone could deliver on a promise of imminent laughter and entertainment? John’s made his life comedy because he’s damn good at it and performs it with passion. John Wing has it all – he is a Canadian comedy legend.

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More than 200 television appearances
6 Tonight Shows, 9 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival galas
2 hour-long Comedy Now specials
Comedy Festivals in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax, Vancouver, Moncton, St. John’s, and Milwaukee
2 national Just For Laughs Comedy tours
Opened for the Smothers Brothers, The Mills Brothers, The Lennon Sisters, Tony Martin, John Raitt, Debby Boone, Jan & Dean, and The Grateful Dead
More than 100 radio commentaries for CBC Radio’s Definitely Not The Opera.
The CBC Radio special, A Valentine To My Wife
Written and starred in two TV pilots, NightWing, and The Truth About, for CBC Television,
19 episodes of the CBC radio series Man, Woman, & Child,
YPT series Breaker High, E! Entertainment Television series News Weasels,
The Arsenio Hall Show and The WB Network.
The Barbra Streisand Millennium Concert

John has published seven books of poetry:
A Cup Of Nevermind (Mosaic Press 1998)
And The Fear Makes Us Special (Mosaic Press 2000)
None Of This Is Probably True (Mosaic Press 2003)
Excuses (Mosaic Press 2005)
The Winter Palace: New & Selected (Mosaic Press 2008)
So Recently Ancient (Mosaic Press 2010)
Almost Somewhere Else (Mosaic Press 2011)

John has published one memoir:
When The Red Light Goes On, Get Off (Black Moss Press 2008)