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Kelly Taylor
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Kelly Taylor is feeling pretty comfortable with his decision to give up his mediocre career in hockey and pursue his dream to be a comedian. Hockey, once the only way a small town Canadian kid could get to the big city; Kelly Taylor now sees the possibilities of comedy taking him all the way out of Saskatchewan to the Alberta border. With the physical attributes of a high school quarterback and the comedic commitment of Jerry Lewis, Kelly Taylor is taking the comedy world by storm. He may have given up hockey from comedy, but this funnyman knows how to score on stage.

Comedy Experience

Kelly Taylor, who has performed at Just for Laughs in Vancouver and Calgary, credits his start in Saskatoon comedy clubs with giving him his confidence on stage. “It was great for starting out, because you could get a ton of stage time, and then you had to work on your material. In nine months, I got to do my own headline set! It was a good way to build material,” says Taylor.

Kelly Taylor also spends much of his time on the road away from his home in Saskatoon, doing shows for colleges in the U.S and Canada. Already conquering Canada he has now moved on to being one the busiest comedians on the American college scene. “Campuses are different in Canada, as opposed to the U.S. In Canada, it’s more cut loose and free. I talk about drinking and partying and stuff like that, and in the U.S. it seems like they have comedy set up as an alternative for people going out and drinking,” says Taylor. “I kind of tailor that show in America to just talking about everyday things.”

Kelly Taylor starred as the lead role in the movie Sure Shot Dombrowski. He shocked the comedy industry by placing second in the prestigious Just for Laughs Homegrown competition. Competing against comics who have been in the business for ten plus years, Kelly Taylor firmly made his mark at JFL. His performance did not go unnoticed as creative heads from NBC Universal, Happy Gilmore Productions, and Jimmy Kimmel quickly approached with interest. Later that year Kelly did a tour of the Canadian Colleges, and was Named Canadian College Comedian of the year.

This summer Taylor is bringing his family along as he crisscrosses the country doing comedy. “It’s a little bit more work to get three kids to each show, as opposed to just me staying in any old motel room, jumping up and gone. It’s worth it; I won’t be homesick at all. It’s fun when you can put a vacation and work together.” He also appears on “Comedy Now!” on Saturday, July 3 on CTV, with the full episode available online at afterward.

As for advice for young people looking to get into comedy, Taylor has this advice:

“Get on stage as much as you can. You can see sometimes if the crowd is terrible, and you don’t want to go on… always go on. Those seem like the sets that make you a better comedian. It’s like anything, the more you practice, the better you are going to be.”

Comedy Style

The funnyman says he developed his own sense of humour from his family, both from his father and his brothers. Taylor says his father was “loud and in your face and really funny. He was always on and joking the whole time. And my brothers, it’s the same thing. My brother, his whole life, was burning me. Whatever you said or did, you got burned. All day. You had to have a defense for that, so it was back and forth. It’s a family thing.” He also says, “When I do corporate work, I talk about family and kids, whereas when I’m talking to a younger crowd, I rarely talk about having kids and that. Then it’s like, ‘Who’s this old guy?’ His “down-home” style and uncensored comedy make him extremely popular for those who like their comedy on the raw side.

Why hire Kelly Taylor

Working the clubs, Taylor learned to develop a robust set that can go from more adult humour to family-friendly material about the difficulty of scooping ice cream from a box. Kelly’s ability to headline clubs, corporate and college events at just three years into his budding career is evidence that this kid is the real deal. Aside from Just for Laughs, he has already appeared at The Vancouver and Calgary Comedy Festivals. He has opened for the likes of Blake Clark, Eddie Brill, Rich Hall and others. Kelly has performed all across the country and recently made his debut in New York City at some of the most well respected clubs in the industry. Kelly Taylor – Saskatchewan’s second best export after wheat.

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