Kevin Robart

Kevin Robart
Topics: Mentalists
Traveling From: Moncton 
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Kevin Robart is a Mentalist / Psychic Entertainer who has been wowing audiences for over 20 years.

Experience: Based out of Moncton New Brunswick, Kevin has performed extensively through-out the Maritime Provinces, as well as Ontario, Quebec, the US and UK. As well as performing for some of the country’s top companies, Kevin has also performed on Parliament Hill for Canada Day celebrations and opened for world- renowned hypnotist Reveen. The incredibly talented New Brunswick native recently re-branded himself a mentalist and embarked upon a journey to mystify and amaze audiences across the country with his highly interactive and entertaining shows.

Kevin Robart Mentalist Shows

Meeting of the Minds: An intimate show for 30 people or less. This performance will give you the feeling that a group of friends has gotten together at someone’s house and The Mentalist has come to visit. As with all shows, this presentation is very interactive. However, with Meeting of the Minds you will get to experience an intimate and fascinating encounter. With such a small group, just about everyone gets in on the show and will be personally touched by an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Kevin Robart Mind Games: Ideal for audiences of 75 or less. This show blends just the right amount of “WOW!” factor with humour. A highly interactive show, audience members not only watch the show from their seats, but some get to experience first- hand what it is like to have someone get into their minds. Audience members also explore the possibility that they are connected with strangers in the audience or possibly even with someone another part of the world they have never met. This show is repeatedly booked for its high entertainment value and flexibility to customers’ needs.

Mind Games (Stage Version): For audiences of 75 or more. This is basically the same as above, but due to the size of your audience or room, has added light and sound and a technical crew to the show.

Theatre of the Mind: Geared towards a larger audience, but any size group will enjoy this show. This gala comes complete with lights and sound and stage assistants. The opening of this show is Kevin Robart’s version of “The Knight’s Tour” – an incredible memory demonstration passed down to Kevin from world-renowned hypnotist Reveen. For the finale, Kevin get’s personal with members of the audience, telling complete strangers such things as where they spent their honeymoon, the names of their children, their social insurance number and so much more. Theatre of the Mind brings the glitz and glamour of Vegas to your event.

Why hire Kevin Robart? Based on high audience participation, each show is a unique show specific to your audience. Convention delegates will be left with a sense of awe, disbelief and be completely entertained. Hold onto your seats as Kevin takes you on a journey of the mind which is both entertaining and awe-inspiring.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Corporate Events, Comedy Clubs, Festivals, Sports Events, Casino Events, Charity Events, Cruise Lines, Conventions, Trade Shows.

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Career Highlights
1998 first place in stage competition “Magie Montreal”
Opened for world re-known Hypnotist Reveen
Appeared on Parliament Hill for Canada Celebrations


“This man has a great career ahead of him.”

“Everyone kept asking “How did he do that?”
Barbra Steele – Royal Canadian Mint

“Absolutely amazing! what else can I say?”
Barb Stapleton – RBC