Les Vitamines

Les Vitamines
Topics: Physical Comedians
Traveling From: Montreal 
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Les Vitaminés are duo comic acrobats on a mission to dazzle people of all ages with their extraordinary technical abilities and burlesque-style staging.

Duo comic acrobats, Les Vitaminés, from Quebec, amaze audiences with their extraordinary technical prowess. Parody of modern dance with Swiss balls, fight Boxing clown, trapeze trado comic, or dynamic hand to hand … The Vitaminés offer a range of unusual circus acts for everyone.

Experience: From 2007 to 2010, Les Vitaminés participated in the Vitamins Wintuk Cirque du Soleil in New York. Between 2012 and 2014, they made a joyful tour in Germany with the show “Quebec 2nd Avenue” for the GOP dinner cabaret company.

Acrobat Duo Les Vitaminés:

Cbastien Tardif: Working in the field of the circus for over 15 years, Cbastien made his debut with the Quebec circus school. After touching almost all disciplines, he eventually specialized in acrobatic characters to comic character. His professional career began in 1998 when he was hired by Cirque Eos to embody one of the main characters. He plays on tour for more than 4 years. In 2003, he was recruited by Cirque du Soleil. It will become an important character in comic production KÀ Las Vegas, directed by Robert Lepage. In summer 2005, Cbastien returned to Quebec and creates the duo Les Vitaminés with Vincent.

Vincent Dubé: Derived from the Quebec Circus School, Vincent made his debut with the quartet of jugglers acrobats Tourisk in 1995. The quartet won the gold medal and the audience award at the IJA (International Jugglers Association) in 1998. From 1998 to 2002, Vincent participates in the creation of Cirque Imaginaire EOS with which he made over 500 performances worldwide.
He is particularly interested in the use of the life of everyday objects like circus devices and vice versa. He also shares this passion with his Cbastien partner with whom he created the duo Les Vitaminés in 2005.

Les Vitaminés Performances: 

Outdoor Shows and Festivals:This very colourful spectacle has won many prizes all over the world. It is performed at outdoor festivals. This highly charged duo will grab the attention by performing acrobatic high jinks sprinkled with improvised moments that bring the audience into play.

Stage Shows:If you prefer indoor shows, Les Vitaminés can provide a formula specially adapted to indoor events with their inimitable signature. Whether it is a private event or in a theater, they offer a custom show as a duo or with other well-known artists. Contact us so we can sort out your needs.

Why hire Les Vitaminés? Whatever type of event you are planning, Les Vitaminés offers a specialized and unique service that will add panache to your festive evening. Such events include; Charity Events, Corporate Events, Conventions, Casinos, Cruises, Variety Shows, Television Appearances, and Festivals. These acrobatic experts will tickle you pink with incredible feats of balance and have you roaring your head off as they throw each other around the park. Les Vitamines wow people young and old with their clever physical comedy. A brilliant family show.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Corporate Events, Cruise Lines, Festivals, Casino Events, Comedy Clubs, Charity Events, and Conventions.

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“It brought tears of joy to our eyes … The melancholy of November was royally forgotten. The Ballet-ball act is world-class. On its own, this number is worth attending the show. This show clearly demonstrates why Canada is among the 8 best circus act producers. If you are looking for an original Christmas Gift with satisfaction guaranteed, this is a sure bet.”
– DoppelBlick

“The audience’s favourites were clearly Vincent Dubé et Sébastien Tardif, who make up the duo “Les Vitaminés”, and go from one comic number to the next. They perform a splendid boxing match and then dance with exercise balls in a most refreshing manner.”
– Michaela Podschun Mindener Tageblatt, Germany

“The Vitaminés duo by themselves with their Pilates balls give a performance that is incredibly funny and that will knock your socks off.”
– Westfälische Nachrichten

“The start of this boxing number is something else when suddenly, the two comics, Vincent Dubé and Sébastien Tardif, find themselves center stage and decide to have a fight. It is absolutely hilarious and to me, the high point of the show.”
– Chapiteau.de 

“The real knock-out was the Vincent Dubé and Sébastien Tardif duo who performed a high-level and very different type of comedy. The Canadian consular representative who was present that night was very proud of the Quebec artists.”
– ESSEN Zeitung