Marc Savard

Marc Savard
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Marc Savard is a hypnotist who delights audiences with his ability to hypnotize perfect strangers and get them to act out hilarious scenarios.

Experience: Marc Savard’s first encounter with Hypnosis came via the late Preston the Hypnotist. It was then and there that he witnessed the power of hypnosis and how that type of entertainment is matched by no other. Self-taught and starring on stage as the world’s youngest professional hypnotist, Marc mastered the art of mesmerizing people at 19. Marc attended a performance put on by The Man they call Reveen. Following that performance, Marc met up with The Impossibilist and inspired by him, so began Marc’s extensive research into the exciting and demanding world of hypnosis. Exhausting every resource at his disposal, Marc Savard became an entertainment phenomenon who is known for both the ingenuity of his show and the integrity with which volunteers are treated on stage.

By 21, Marc was appearing in over 200 stage shows internationally. At 23, he was fighting for his life. Hit head on by a drunk driver and left with a broken back and fractured skull, Marc was forced to leave the stage and turn his hypnotism skills on himself. Marc not only defied his doctors grim prognosis by making a rapid and complete recovery, he left them in awe by controlling his pain with mind power instead of medication. Within six months of his crash, Marc was back onstage performing with a passion for life that comes from being so close to death.

Certified in the professional designation of Clinical Hypnotherapist by the Hypnotism Institute of Los Angeles, Marc Savard’s dedication to his craft has earned him the highest regard among both his peers and the entertainment industry as a whole. Marc is also an active member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and National Guild of Hypnotists.

Far from restricting himself from the on stage performance, Marc’s professional pursuits also include mind training with Olympic Figure Skaters, Professional Hockey Players, Professional Golfers, and World’s Strongest Man competitors. Marc also conducts Self-improvement seminars such as: Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Personal Motivation, Public Speaking and Study and Concentration just to name a few.

Performance Style: Before the show starts, Savard does a test of the subconscious to determine if you are in the right frame of mind to be hypnotized. The he explains a few guidelines for those thinking of volunteering, the most important being you must have a fun personality.Once the volunteers are in place, Savard guides them through several relaxation techniques until they are all slumped over in their chairs with their eyes closed. Savard tells his volunteers that they will awake on his command and think that they are musicians who will play with “pride and pizzazz” in a world famous orchestra. Soon they have their eyes open and they are playing their instruments with absolute conviction. Watch hilarious audience volunteers live on stage as the number one hypnotist in the world, Marc Savard, controls their thoughts and actions. You won’t believe what he can make them do!

Why hire Marc Savard? From theater productions to stage magic shows, Marc has continued to increase his repertoire of performing abilities. Even the most stringent non-believers of hypnosis will be amazed at the outrageous things Marc can make people do. And regardless of whether you believe it’s real or not, you will have a great time. But be careful – Marc might mesmerize you!

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“You promised me first class professional entertainment and you and your staff came through with a show that the audience didn’t want to end. The staff were still talking and laughing about it a week later.”
Coca-Cola Ltd.

“Anyone would feel more than comfortable watching or participating in his show. His talent and expertise was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.”
Shell Oil

“Right from the start Marc showed his great ability as a hypnotist and had the audience of 400 in Stitches and Amazement. Everyone had a great time “ hats off to a great entertainer.”
Blue Cross Medical

“The Board of Directors and the Workshop Committee for the Workshop in Kananaskis would like to thank you for providing the most entertaining evening that we have had in a long time. You have provided us with hours, days, and weeks of stories.”
Canadian Property Tax Association

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