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Mark Crocker
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Mark Crocker is internationally recognized as one of North America’s best comedian/ ventriloquists. He is an award-winning and internationally recognized corporate entertainer. Mark’s versatility is demonstrated by the cast of characters he deploys that leave audiences of all ages and backgrounds wanting more. His skill as a comedian has earned him standing ovations all across Canada, from Coast to Coast.

Mark Crocker Comedic Experience

Mark Crocker was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. In 1977, at the age of 17, Mark Crocker started the ancient and complex art of Ventriloquism! From the simple beginnings of performing on the front porch, and getting local shows with the cub scouts and churches, he steadily progressed to doing every style of venue one can imagine. Sometimes the shows were same day and POLAR OPPOSITES on the age range and humour range. In 2001, Mark Crocker easily made the leap from a REAL JOB to FULL TIME ENTERTAINING! Since then he has racked up an incredible resume of work. With his feet now planted firmly in the Corporate Market, Mark has found his niche! Since that time he has also been called into doing TV shows on the Comedy Network, Network Commercials, and consulting work on episodic Television, and Feature Films.

A technically perfect ventriloquist, Mark has been a sought-after consultant and puppeteer for television, national advertising campaigns and feature films. As a comedic ventriloquist he has several segments of various comedy shows playing all over the world via The Comedy Network. Three decades of entertaining and several thousand performances later, Mark Crocker has accumulated hours of material for every type of audience imaginable. This enables Mark to provide entertainment at any level, for any type of event, anywhere in Canada.

Mark Crocker Comedy Style

Performances are non-offensive, interactive, personalized and extremely funny! His adlibs are all “one time only” and personalized for the client, which has given him the reputation of really doing his homework and giving the evening of clean, comedic entertainment that little bit extra.

Mark Crocker Personality

For Mark, going that extra mile means the difference between a good show, to one that is truly special and memorable.

Why hire Mark Crocker?

Mark is a pro at manipulating and customizing material that will be suitable for any function. He has long been a favorite on the corporate circuit, but calls resort and festival stages his home as well. Thousands of shows later, and just as many referrals, clients are delighted to hire someone who is “truly unique” and delivers a solid performance every time. Hire Mark Crocker, and take your event to the next level.

Works Well in this Type of Event

Award Shows, Casino Shows, Private Events, Cruise Ships, Comedy Clubs and Festivals, Corporate Events, Charity Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows. Mark’s niche has been carved out within various industries, ranging from insurance groups, government ministries, law enforcement organizations, agricultural associations, and the construction trades. Mark can perform for a wide range of events, his family friendly performances fit anywhere.

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“Our appreciation for your fantastic and humorous presentation you provided. Not only did your ventriloquism keep everyone laughing, but also the actual content of your show was fabulous material. The show was uplifting, and stressed the points, in a funny way, on important issues the Federation wanted to deliver. Mark you are truly a great vocal illusionist! Again, thank you for agreeing to present at our conference and putting a relaxing twist to a long, intensive day.”
Ontario Secondary Teachers Federation

“Mark and Chester were fantastic. Even though Mark was prepared for an adult event, he quickly adjusted his material to be suitable for the children that were in the audience. I think this is the mark of a truly talented and versatile individual. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark & Chester for all types of events and would certainly have them back to entertain and astound us with their talents.”
Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Centre

“I thought you did a fantastic job. You have very good characters and the audience could easily relate to them, especially the way you developed the relationship. Good lines many very good ones actually. Very good use of the audience and the audience topic (IBTR, insurance etc) to keep people interested. If you think an audience is waning, it is good to bring them back with something close to home and I believe you did that a few times. I.e. your use of Irving on a few occasions. Wholesome content and anything that could be ‘off colour’ was handled with tact without removing the humour. You handle their (your characters) clever movements with ease.”
Toronto Insurance Brokers Association

“Thank you for doing a superb job on Saturday evening. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has expressed how much they enjoyed your performance as well those two lovable characters and the magic marker guy.”
National Car & Truck Rental

“It was rare to get so many calls from our clients after the evening thanking us for a wonderful time and commenting on what a unique and enjoyable experience they had. Many could not believe we found such a high level of quality entertainment so close to home.”
Bristol Machine Works Limited

“Your performance was professional, quick and witty and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We continue to receive positive feedback from our employees three weeks after your show.”
Forest Inn Conference Centre

“You brought tears to many people’s eyes from laughing so hard!…..the grumpy old man, the monkey and Chester had all of us rolling in the aisles.”
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Past Clients

ING Insurance
Police Association of Ontario
Deerhurst Resorts
Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan & Ontario
Ontario Power Generation
Service Canada
Ministry of the Attorney General
Ontario Roads Association
Canada Post
Frito Lay
Castro North America
Proctor and Gamble
Hamilton Construction Association
PMAC of Canada Association