Michael Leach

Michael Leach
Topics: Hypnotists
Traveling From: Winnipeg 
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Michael Leach is one of the most sought after hypnotist comedians in Canada.

Experience: For more than 20 years, Michael Leach has been performing his style of stage hypnosis for various audiences across North America. After seeing his first stage hypnotist, Michael Leach was so amazed & intrigued by “Power of Suggestion” he began delving himself further and further into the world of hypnosis earning the title of “Master Hypnotist.”

Performance Style: Michael promises a truly uplifting positive experience for both the audience and his volunteers, an experience which will be remembered for the rest of their lives. Along with the music and stage production, the volunteers are the true stars of the Michael Leach hypnotic adventure, and they are always treated with the utmost respect and care on his stage. His show is a one of a kind must see event!

Why hire Michael Leach? Michael’s comedic talents and volunteers are sure to treat you to one of the most hilarious Hypnosis performances on the market. Michael’s show can run from 1 hour up to 2 hour productions. The moment he walks on stage the energy level and true commitment to entertain flows from all around. His passion and integrity will take over the audience and will be felt for days after witnessing this classy performance.

Michael’show includes the antics from the volunteers on his stage and he brings out the comedian in us all. With Michael’s refined routines, music, and energy your event is sure to be a comical event from start to finish. Shows range from Schools, fundraiser’s, corporate, and just plain fun celebrations.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Comedy Clubs, Colleges and Schools,Corporate Events, Cruise Lines, Comedy Festivals, Sports Events, Casino Events, Charity Events, Celebrity Speaking Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665.


“Thanks so much for referring us to Micheal Leach, the show was great! We had a sold out event with all age groups attending and we requested the show be clean. Micheal did a great job keeping the crowd interested, and everyone had a great time. The event was a great success and Micheal was a big part of that, Thanks!”
Carnduff Fire Department

“Michael had everyone in stitches from the time he had his victims hypnotized until he finished his routine. In fact, there were a number of individuals in tears; his victims were so funny.”

“Michael has an amazing show and is a true professional. Everyone in attendance was thrilled with the outcome of his performance and we would welcome him back to our holiday party at any time.”
The Home Depot

“Everyone in attendance whether it be onlookers or participants in the hypnosis show, felt they had one of the best Christmas parties ever. Your ability to provide such a comical and fun show in a tasteful fashion without embarrassment to the participants is definitely an art in itself. We will be recommending you to anyone who is looking for some good fun entertainment at their functions.”
P. Quintaine & Son Ltd.

Past Clients
Fisher Branch Golf Club
Fisher Branch Graduation
Winnipeg City Public Works
Red River College
University of Winnipeg
Gilbert Plains Curling Club
Home Depot
Kenton Fire Department
Gold Eyes Baseball
Manitoba Moose