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Mike Mandel
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Dr. Mike Mandel is an Award Winning Hypnotist Corporate Speaker. He is a great entertainer with an excellent reputation, known to thousands of people across Canada, Britain, and Australia, as one of the world’s best stage hypnotists, best clinical hypnosis trainers, and the creator of the most effective hypnotherapy CDs on the market.

Experience: Dr. Mike Mandel’s career has covered many different fields: stage performer, trainer, psychotherapist, martial arts instructor, writer, and corporate speaker. Born in England, the son of an electrical engineer, Mike inherited none of his father’s mechanical or practical skills, but his wit and imagination made him a natural entertainer. Using his creative forces, Mike single handedly reinvented the persona of the stage hypnotist, rescuing it from its tacky beginnings and giving it rock star appeal. In the 1970’s he toured extensively with A Foot in Cold Water, Lighthouse, Max Webster, Teenage Head and is immortalized in the Goddo song “Pretty Bad Boys.” Thereafter, Mike Mandel’s consistent popularity and captivating comedy led to five tours of Britain, and appearances on CBCs Jonovision, YTV, Vision, W5, Discovery, Bravo! Arts and Minds, and numerous guest spots on Australian television.

Widely regarded as the world’s greatest hypnotist, Mike Mandel has 18 nominations and 6 awards for excellence in entertainment. In June 2000 he was presented with the COCA Hall of Fame Award, previously won by Sarah McLaughlin, the Tragically Hip and Jim Carrey. A qualified trainer of neurolinguistic programming, and the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor for NLP Canada, Mike holds a doctorate in clinical hypnosis. He teaches interested lay people, therapists and doctors, and is certified in a number of highly effective psychotherapeutic disciplines that get rapid results. His private practice included flying to Australia to help a rock star.

Why hire Mike Mandel? The Mike Mandel hypnosis show is witty, original, professional, enormously creative, and perfectly appropriate for your venue and audience, combining electrifying hypnotic action with hilarious verbal comedy. Mike’s track record in the entertainment business gives him unequalled recognition. He has more awards, more media exposure, more rave reviews, more experience, and greater expertise, than almost anyone else in the field. From large corporate functions, to smaller fundraisers, to midsize theatres, you can trust Dr. Mike Mandel to make your event a phenomenal success, because after performing onstage for over 30 years, Mike routinely gets quotes like this:

“I have attended several performances we have had over the last few years and nothing in the past has even come close to what Mike Mandel did on stage with his “subjects”. It was non-stop laughter for almost 90 minutes. We all were totally enthralled for the entire time “ there was hardly time to catch one’s breath! Mike is definitely the best hypnotist anywhere. Warning! Beware of roller coasters with low hanging signs! Thank you for providing one of the most entertaining evenings we have ever experienced.”
IECA Foundation Board of Trustees, Toronto Gala Chair

Works Well in this Type of Event: Special Events, Corporate Events, Private Events, Casino Shows, Charity Events, Celebrity Speaking Events, Conventions, Trade Shows, and Award Shows.

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Trivia About Hypnotist Mike Mandel
Featured on CBC show Steven and Chris as relationship expert
Martial Arts Chief Instructor British Jiu Jitsu’s World’s Ultimate AC/DC fan
Born in England, the same day as the first U.S. experimental 3D-TV broadcast
Writes a gonzo wine blog under a pseudonym
Not related to Howie Mandel
Toronto Star short-story contest winner
Not handy at all. Can’t fix a damn thing
Hypnotized Alanis Morissette
Created one of the biggest hoaxes in internet history
Graduate, Second City Improv
Won COCA Hall of Fame Award along with Jim Carrey and The Tragically Hip
Consulted on major crimes as a Forensic Hypnotist
Teaches Clinical Hypnosis for NLP Canada
Certified handwriting expert
Had a wonderful Bull Terrier named Lockjaw
Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnosis
Can’t stand up on a pair of skates
Hypnotherapy clients included a rock star in Australia
TV appearances: W5, Jonovision, CBC, Bravo! Arts and Minds, YTV, Mystery Hunters, Breakfast Television, The Footie Show in Australia, Discovery Channel
Corporate Speaker – Expert in the art of communication, motivation, persuasion, and creativity