Perry James Experience

Perry James Experience
Topics: Magic Comedians
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Perry James is the “stand-up comedian who collided head on with traditional magic.” Perry James’ show spans the gamut of comedy and magic; from mind reading “mentalism”, shackle and chain escapes, to the flaming torch through the head. Perry is originally a native of Saskatchewan, but now resides in Vancouver.

With over 18 years of experience and more then 2,000+ performances in comedy and magic, Perry James has been entertaining audiences from coast to coast. His stellar performances have amused and amazed people of all ages, cultures, and social backgrounds. Perry has headlined numerous events across North America, having worked with the likes of Brent Butt, “Dean Gunnarson” of escape fame, and the “Bare Naked Ladies”. You may have had the opportunity to see Perry on TV on CTV’S Corner Gas or as part of the nationally televised, “Grand Illusions”, “Speed Demons and Dare Devils”, or one of his other appearances.

Comedy Style

Perry James is a stand-up comedian with deep roots in the magic field. Therefore, Perry’s routine is a well-blended combination of the two. The show is not only entertaining and surprising, it is also fun, original and excellently executed. Audience participation is a must in Perry’s show. He performs “with” the audience not “for” them. Why settle for watching the show when you can be a part of it? Don’t worry; he never gets a laugh at someone else’s expense. When the audience isn’t on stage, they’re hanging on to the edge of their seats from wonderment and hilarity. His high energy, subtle wit, and lightning fast lane changes insures an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Walk around Magic

People love to experience magic up close. With this unique type of entertainment, in small groups your guests can experience the magic just inches away. Sometimes the magic even happens in your own hands. You’ll be delighted to see the reactions and hear the gasps of amazement as your guests are treated to their very own show. They’ll feel like they’re receiving special treatment. Give your event that exclusive edge!

Why hire Perry James?

Perry James is respected as a disciplined professional and true gentleman who captivates corporate audiences with his healthy humor, infectious personality, and spellbinding antics. As a performer, Perry is highly versatile, customizing his shows to meet the specific needs of his clients. Choose from mind reading “mentalism”, shackle and chain escapes, the flaming torch through the head and much, and much more, Perry spans the magical realm from bewitching to dangerously delirious. Perry James; your consummate entertainment solution!

Works Well in this Type of Event

Special Events, Corporate Events, Private Events, Charity Events, Casino Events, Conventions, Trade Shows, and Comedy Shows.

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665.


“From the time Mr. James walked onto the stage to when the show was over, he kept the crowd wanting more, and he most defiantly provided a show that will be talked about for years to come! The crowd of all ages continues to praise his ULTRA CLEAN performance and in the future we will be welcoming him back to put on more performances!”

“Mr. James is the reason why we will be having future comedy nights and we are already taking orders for next year’s comedy night in advance!”
Melfort Kinsmen Comedy Night

“First we would like to congratulate you on the professional appearance that you presented to our delegates. Your choice of material was both humorous and captivating and kept the audience entertained for the entire show. Many of them were still talking about it the next day. Let me say that this is the first time in my fourteen years of organizing these conventions that the entertainer has received a standing ovation. Again congratulations on an excellent performance and we would be pleased to have our name used as a reference in the future.
You really made the evening one that the attendees will remember.”
Association of Vancouver Island

“Thank you for being an integral part of out Annual Business Excellence Awards Evening. Your performance to a capacity crowd was phenomenal! Many people called the office following the event commenting on the high quality of entertainment at the event, and how much they enjoyed the interaction with people before and after the event. Your show was extremely funny, suitable for young and old and very entertaining. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an entertainer for their event.”
Rosetown & District Chamber of Commerce

“Perry did great, we enjoyed him on stage and how he interacted with the Audience. When he got the audience on stage as well it was very comical and everyone loved it. We had lots of excellent comments on the evening. He told us he would be over the hour and I was worried that it would be a problem but it was done and I wanted to see more. I recommend Perry to anyone that is thinking of getting him to perform. He brings his own style that is a pleasure to watch and enjoy and his suitable for all ages.”
President – Aylsham Board of Trade

“You captivated the crowd’s attention immediately and kept them on the edge of their seats waiting for your next magical act. Having humour in in your presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd, they were still laughing about issues you brought up a week later. Your great performance warrants this letter of recommendation to any organization that “you are the guy to have.”
Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce

“His blend of comedy, magic and escapes trick kept or guest riveted to him for a full hour. His ability to asses the crowd and deliver the right kind of humor as well as involve the audience made for a fabulous show. I’d Recommend him for any type or size audience.”
Brandt Tractor

“Your brand of entertainment fit perfectly with the audience we had at our event, that ranged from people aged 75 to early 20’s, from professionals to laborers, male and female alike. Watching the room as you did your comedy I noticed many tears of laughter, although it was hard to tell as I was laughing so hard myself. As for the Magic end of the evening, I shake my head in memorization as I, as well the audience could not figure out how things were done. Your escape from the shackles and chains at the end was a great closer.”
Investors Group

“Mr. James had a clean hilariously funny presentation, and he evolved the audience in a friendly, non threatening way. He helped make our staff appreciation evening all the more enjoyable. At the end of his performance, he was given a standing ovation by all in attendance- quite a tribute!” I would highly recommend Mr. James for a good evenings entertainment.”
North West Catholic School Board

“Not only did Perry James entertain everyone with his magic, he keep everyone in stitches with his comedic routine. Perry is able to mould his performance to suit every employee whether they are 25 or 65! If you want to make any event memorable, small or large having Perry James perform will definitely be the show stopper!!”
Brennan Office Plus

“Mr. James performed a show that was enjoyed by everyone. He made us laugh with his humour and amazed us with his magic. In the end I got to take credit for organizing a fun, successful company event while Perry James was the one who made the evening enjoyable. I have been to a number of comedy clubs and must say that Perry James is high among the excellent comedians showmen and overall entertainers I have seen. If you are in the position of hiring someone to entertain at an event you are holding, Mr. Perry James comes highly recommended by all the BMO (Bank of Montreal) in Edmonton AB.”
Bank of Montreal

“Just a short note to let you know we were very impressed with Perry James who entertained us for our Annual Christmas party. He had the perfect mix of comedy and magic. He personalized the show for us and managed to completely hold the attention of approximately one hundred people . Perry read the audience perfectly by providing us with an evening of tasteful comedy. We would certainly recommend him and would love to have him back.”
T & T Trucking

Past Clients

Acclaim Energy Trust
BA Energy Inc
Bank of Montreal
BC Hydro
BP Canada
Brandt Tractor
Canadian Tire
Chrysler Canada
CN Western Canada Region
Cummins Western Canada
Doepker Industries Ltd
Edwards Group
Encana Resources
Fairmont Hotels
Fido Solutions
First Calgary Savings
Ford Motors
General Cable
IMC Potash
Imperial Oil
Inco Limited
John Deere
Lilydale Foods
Luscar ltd.
PCS Potash
Pepsi Bottling Group
Quinsam Coal Corporation
Robin Hood Multi Foods
Rogers Video
Royal Bank
Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd.
Shell Oil
Tolko Industries Ltd.
Toyota Canada
Wyeth Organics

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