Robert Mesmer

Robert Mesmer
Topics: Hypnotists
Traveling From: Victoria 
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Robert Mesmer takes the hypnotic show to a whole new level. He has been involved with hypnosis for over 30 years both as a hypnotherapist and entertainer. Go one step beyond anything you have ever seen before.

Experience: Robert Mesmer comes from a show business family; his mother played a piano in the circus, his father, the trumpet. Living out of a suitcase in his early years was to him a normal existence. He watched many great performers from the wings of theatres where he worked as a stage hand at the age of twelve. He remembers sitting beside Louis Armstrong in the wings between songs. This stage neighbourhood gave him his first experience at close range the workings of a magic and hypnosis presentation. Every day since, magic and hypnosis have been the focus of Mesmer’s attention in the entertainment field. He performed for several years as both a close up magician in restaurants and hotels as well as doing a standup comedy act for conventions and corporate banquets.

Mesmer took six years off to get his Masters Degree in Honours Psychology. It was right back on the stage with his Hypnosis and Magic Show. The Hypnosis Show is unique in that Mesmer, time permitting, includes his BLINDFOLD Act as seen on television’s “That’s Incredible”. Mesmer’s venues no longer include the “boot camps” of pubs and restaurants, but that of cruise ships, corporate functions, universities, high schools and theatre. No location is too far, from Seattle to Chicago for a one hour corporate banquet and back again the following day for another engagement. Mesmer’s experience has given him the ability to read an audience so that no one is embarrassed and everyone, from the mail room worker to the CEO, has a unique and rewarding experience.

Robert Mesmer has travelled all over the world as a headline act with Princess Cruise Lines. He was chosen from 100’s of acts to be one of the headliners on the Inaugural cruise of the Diamond Princess out of Los Angeles and the Emerald Princess out of Ft. Lauderdale. He is one of the few entertainers to have performed on all of Princess Cruise Lines 17 ships and on all of her itineraries ! As well, he has travelled the world with his show from Australia and New Zealand, the Mediterranean and the UK, Alaska, Mexico, The Caribbean, USA and Canada.

Performance Style: Over the years Robert has shaped the show to suit a wide variety of venues, 45 minute shows for cruise ships, a one hour show for a corporate banquet or a 2 hour fundraiser or theatre show. In fact Robert can adapt and adjust to the minute of what the client may require.There are no swinging watches, mirror balls or clucking chickens in this hypnosis show. The show does not keep anyone waiting. It’s fast, precise and polished. At any one show you may see volunteers swept through space at 25,000 MPH in a weightless condition – their limbs actually float, or riding a surfboard in Hawaii chased by you-know-who. Senses are altered as interaction on a stage between volunteers is unbelievable.

Robert packs his show with lots of action and sound effects. The show is clean throughout and can be adjusted to any time slot. You will see no swinging watches or people quacking like ducks. This is a modern, fast paced show with high respect for every single volunteer on stage. Senses are altered and hilarious scenarios take place. They may fly through the air at 25,000 mph, ride a surf board, be chased by you know who. Names are forgotten, names can’t be spelled even by the owner. Identities are assumed and interaction between volunteers is amazing.

Why hire Robert Mesmer? Robert Mesmer’s hypnotic show is completely clean and no one is offended or embarrassed. Corporate banquets and conventions may include closeup magic, standup magic and Robert Mesmer’s ESP act. How appropriate that Wellington, New Zealand’s Dominion Post called Robert MESMER……………”

The LORD of the TRANCE

The Mesmer Show has been developed through years of working with thousands of different individuals. Robert’s objective – to take the entire audience into A NIGHT OUT OF THIS WORLD and then return them to reality, with a warm smile on their face as they leave the theatre. He succeeds. Take in the show and experience that warm glow.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Conferences, Corporate Events, Cruise Lines, Festivals, Sports Events, Casino Events, Charity Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665.


“Entertaining a crowd of 500 can’t be easy, but you knocked their socks off! The evening was a hugh success and people are still talking and laughing about it!”

“It was great! The laughter has lasted well into this week and only good compliments to the HR Department for selecting you as our entertainer.”

“Your superb entertainment far exceeded our expectations and great fun was had by all. We have been flooded with very positive feedback!”

“The Robert MESMER Show was unequivocally the best entertainment we have ever had! When I arrived at my office on Monday, I had nine voicemails and seven emails congratulating me on organizing such a great event!”

“Everyone is still talking about it, saying its the best Customer Appreciation Night ever! I don’t know how we will top it next year.”

“Robert Mesmer was a big hit at our banquet. The players and friends were amazed and dazed. I’ll never forget the $100 bill trick, how that signed bill ended up where it did, I will never know! I thought it was gone!”