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Sebastian Steel
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Sebastian Steel Hypnotist extraordinary has been entertaining audiences for more than a decade. Sebastian Steel’s hypnosis show has been rated one of the top three acts in Canada. Enter the world of hypnosis and see the act that keeps people coming back for more!

Sebastian Steel Hypnosis Experience

Sebastian Steel has been performing in the entertainment industry for seventeen years. Sebastian was first introduced to Hypnosis twelve years ago by a former hypnotist. After studying under him extensively, Sebastian’s fascination for this ‘art’ compelled him to vastly study the field of hypnosis. As a result, he has been successfully hypnotizing people ever since. Sebastian has been trained in improv acting, television, radio, stage, and stand up comedy. His hypnosis show has been the consistent act at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club every week for three years. He now has the longest running show in North America.

Sebastian has appeared on the Terry Evans Show with a segment that was so entertaining the network repeated his show on, “The Best of Terry Evans”. The segment was later voted by viewers as the best segment to have ever viewed on that program. This tribute to Sebastian Steel reflects the kind of performer he has become.

Sebastian Steel Performance Style

Hypnosis is the most unique form of entertainment around. With some stand up comedy and improv acting, you will truly discover what the Sebastian Steel show is all about! Sebastian has taken his experience in the entertainment industry, and his extensive understanding of the human mind and hypnosis, and compiled it into two hours plus, of comedy, drama, magic, music, and improvisation that leaves his audiences in stitches and on the edge of their seats in amazement and coming back for more.

Why hire Sebastian Steel?

When booking an entertainment act it is common to wonder what exactly will be expected. Sebastian is a hugely sought after Comedian/Hypnotist that has been in the industry, mastering his technique and skills, for over 17 years! Sebastian has over 13 shows with 26 hours of suggestions, so you know you will experience a new and exciting show each time. Sebastian’s shows are made to reflect any type of audience for any type of occasion.

Sebastian has performed at a variety of events including; high schools, dry grads, corporate functions, fund raisers, Christmas Parties, Weddings, and night club adult shows. When you hire Sebastian Steel, you don’t have to worry about things getting out of control, no one is embarrassed to the point where it is just not fun. Maximum Entertainment is what it’s all about. With Sebastian Steel’s background you can guarantee a night of non-stop laughter.

Works Well in this Type of Event

Private Events, Holiday Parties, Corporate Events, Cruises, Comedy Festivals, Sports Events, Casino Events, Charity Events, Festivals, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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“Simply put… HE IS AWESOME!  He changed his routine from last year (on the fly I might add) and still had everyone roaring! The way he came up with the ideas he had & put them to use on stage was outstanding!  We had asked him for a 10 – 15 minute intermission for people to stretch their legs. In that intermission he used his hypnotees to help us raise money for one of our firefighters whose son was just diagnosed with cancer & they have been travelling back & forth to Saskatoon. Totally did not expect that, but was very grateful of what he did.  As a performer, he is amazing! His personal touch to his show really lets us see him as person, not just an entertainer. I would recommend him for any function where people like a good laugh!  Thank you again Rich for all your help. Our event was a huge success with the help of MCP & Sebastian.”
Marshall Volunteer Fire Dept.

“I gotta say, we were extremely impressed with the evening. Sebastian did a great job and is so personable. We had such a mixture of age groups in the crowd from 10 to 80 and he kept things appropriate. Some people were hesitant when they heard we were doing a hypnosis evening, but clearly changed their minds. They were entertained from the get go. Good job Sebastian and our recommendation is 100% go for it!”
The Berry Creek Agricultural Society

“On behalf of the Weyburn Fire Department I would like to thank Sebastian in helping make our night such a success, he put on an awesome show. Kept everyone entertained and kept everything on the more mature side as we have an image to with hold. We wanted to hire him through word of mouth and we will indeed pass on good reviews for Sebastian. Thanks for supporting our group and we look forward to dealing with you again in the future.”
Weyburn Fire Department

“Everything went superbly. Everyone was very impressed with Sebastian and his show. There was no one who was insulted or upset over the show. I had a number of people say that he was the best hypnotist they had ever seen. I will be contacting you later in the year for suggestions on entertainment for next year. Thank you for all of your help. It was a great evening.”
Sacred Heart Church

“We could not have been more impressed with Sebastian Steel. He was hysterically funny, kept the crowd thoroughly engaged, and was able to keep the show completely clean at the same time. We have nothing but positive comments. I had customers and employees alike say it was the BEST entertainment we have ever had in the 12 years we have been running this event. Thank you so much for your recommendation.”
Maple Farm Equipment

“Speaking on behalf of our committee, we are very pleased to have booked Sebastian Steel. Some of the comments were ‘unbelievably funny’, awesome, amazing. This event has been hosted by different cities and towns in the Province of Alberta for many years. The normal entertainment is a dance for the athletes after the dinner and awards portion of the evening. It is mandatory that they stay until 11 pm and then they are free to go. The parents usually as a rule do not stay for the dance. This is the first time in the history of the event that we had a near full house until the end of the evening. The parents enjoyed it as much as the kids. Edmonton will not be hosting the event again for awhile, but I can definitely tell you that should Sebastian require references, you have our permission to use Youth Challenge 2007 Provincials. If I am involved in planning an event in the future, Sebastian would be on the top of the list for entertainment. A good time was had by all!”
Youth Challenge 2007 Provincials

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