Steve Stubblejumpski

Steve Stubblejumpski
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Steve Stubblejumpski is a character that was created by Robert Saik in 1986. Who is Steve? Steve is just an ordinary guy trying to cope in an age of the information high-way while waiting for a paved road to his farm. He is an old Ukrainian farmer who is married to Stella and runs a mixed up farm near Double Bumps (Two Hills, Alberta).

Experience: Robert Saik (a.k.a. Steve Stubblejumpski) is the President of a consulting and technical marketing firm which works with agri-business in Canada and the northern U.S. Robert has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Alberta and has been a practicing Agrologist since 1983. He has farming, retail, manufacturing, distribution and consulting experience that span North America, Europe, Ukraine, Russia, and the Middle East. He has also made two comedy albums—Mad as a Cow and Dry Humour: Laughing in the Face of Drought—and is working on a third. Steve goes on stand-up gigs about 70 times per year

Comedy Style: Steve uses good “clean” humour to entertain and get his point across on farming, travel, politics, hunting, fishing, family life, technology, and the internet. He bounds on stage with a fur hat with cucumbers under the flaps, grease stained overalls and mukluks and proclaims: “If you are going to tell Ukrainian jokes, you gotta be of Ukrainian decent like me. If you can’t laugh, you can’t farm. If I tell German jokes like ‘Oktoberfest lasts longer than a Ukrainian Wedding’, I’m likely to get the hook.” “The material for Steve comes from the work that I do during the day as president of Agri-Trend,” says Saik. “There is no end of issues and so Steve’s routine is always changing.”

Why hire Steve Stubblejumpski? Steve can address a variety of topics from new machinery, to getting a good deal on fertilizer, to dealing with a banker, as well as married and family life. Even U.S. / Canada relations get a mention, as do current political issues. He has a special flair for integrating your message into the program. An intelligent, yet hilarious commentary is often enough to drive key messages home to your audience. Steve’s outlook is simple, fun, and relevant. He tries to entertain using good clean humour that relates to all audiences with the goal always being a great time for all. He is a dynamic key-note speaker addressing agricultural and technological issues, having authored several publications and columns. Steve is a great way to ensure your event will be a memorable success. As farmer Steve says, “Times are a changing, but no matter how hectic life gets, we can all survive if we have a sense of humour.”

Works Well in this Type of Event: Agricultural Events, Special Events, Corporate Events, Private Events, Charity Events, Celebrity Speaking Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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“We received a lot of positive feedback and, as you could tell from the uproaring laughter, your enthusiastic performance was a hit.”
Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan

“Our delegates simply loved Steve. Steve did a superb job of connecting with our audience, very effectively delivered the message and had them rolling in the aisles.”

“You most certainly contributed to the success of the Conference by leaving everyone who saw you feeling good. Your performance was just what we needed at this time of change and uncertainty.”
Manitoba Hydro

Past Clients
Alberta Dairy Congress
Alberta Llama Association
Andrukow Farm Sales Ltd.
Elanco Animal Health
Johnston Ventures
J.R. Simplot Co.
Lloydminster Animal Hospital
Meyers Norris PennyMonsanto Canada Inc.
Pattison Brothers Agro, (Lemberg, SK)
Royal Canadian Alpaca Ranch
Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Swift Current Chamber of Commerce
The Fertilizer Institute of Ontario
Western Farm Service