Sylvain Larocque

Sylvain Larocque
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Sylvain Larocque is one of Canada’s fastest rising stars, both as a writer and as a comedian. Sylvain is a Quebec native and has made a name for himself across Canada, cracking up audiences from coast to coast. Rhythm, quality writing and impeccable timing are what make Sylvain one of the most sought after comedic performers in the country today.

Experience: Before Sylvain began a comedy career, he studied chemistry at McGill University. Later, he got a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Montreal. After graduation, he became a representative for a major computer company, and started doing stand up comedy here and there in various comedy clubs at night. After a very short time, there was such demand for his comedy style that he was able to devote himself exclusively to comedy, touring across Canada in English, and in French, and eventually all the way to France and Switzerland. Later, Sylvain also became a writer for some of the most popular TV shows in Quebec and several of the best comics in the business.

At 33, Sylvain Larocque has already been featured for the last 7 years at the prestigious Montreal international “Just for Laughs and Juste pour Rire” comedy festivals. The festival’s shows included The Montreal Show, Comedy Night in Canada, Bubbling with Laughter, and the televised Galas at the St-Denis Theater. Sylvain’s other TV appearances include ” The Best of Montreal Comedy Showcase” and his own prime time special on CBC’s critically acclaimed series ” Comics. ” He has also participated in shows with some of Canada’s most renowned musical acts including “The Crash Test Dummies” and “Barenaked Ladies.”

In Quebec, Sylvain is also at the top of his game, as he is a writer and performer for some of the most prestigious French Canadian television shows. This has led him to be nominated for “Best Writer” at the Quebec’s comedy awards gala. He has taken his one-man-show to Paris and even Switzerland where he was featured in two of the well renowned Montreux comedy festivals and received rave reviews. In 2009, Larocque released his third stand-up comic show of his career, Vu d’même, that earned him the awards for Best show of the year and Writer of the year at the Olivier awards, and is penning a new show due in fall 2013.

Comedy Style: Sylvain Larocque’s versatility as a performer enables him to work in many ways – he can be an endearing host, and can also write hilarious comedic material. The result is an audience that roars with laughter until their ribs hurt. On top of that he is one of the very few bilingual performers in the country. Sylvain Larocque can make anybody laugh regardless of their culture and mother tongue.

Why hire Sylvain Larocque? Mike Bullard was voted #10 by viewers of the Comedy Network for their 2002 April Fool’s Funniest Canadian of all time poll. Companies or associations may have new concepts, rules or product launches they want to present in as captivating way as possible. Mike can customize the monologue and interviews as per clients’ direction, probing CEOs, head engineers, marketing gurus or other integral staff, to reveal important product or company information. Mike will turn a dry presentation into one with humour, which will ensure the message sticks.His extensive and skilled background makes Sylvain the perfect choice to host, emcee or simply do stand-up comedy at any corporate event. A big plus is that he can do the job in FRENCH, in ENGLISH or BILINGUALLY, switching languages back and forth, adjusting to the crowd, making everybody feel happy and a part of the event. His business background and his clean, sure-fire comedic style enable him to be in tune with the corporate environment. Furthermore, his writing talent makes it possible for him to produce customized material, if so required, for any corporate venue. With his extensive knowledge of the corporate world he adapts his act in order to please the most demanding audiences and event organizers.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Special Events, Emcee, Corporate Events, Private Events, Casino Shows, Charity Events, Celebrity Speaking Events, Conventions, Trade Shows, and Comedy Shows.

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