The Evasons – Mentalists Extraordinaire

The Evasons – Mentalists Extraordinaire
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The Evasons do what appears to be impossible: mind reading, levitation, prediction, and telekinesis. Their show is a slick blend of interactive entertainment and comic relief that defies logic. Whether performing on a large stage or for an intimate setting, The Evasons, a husband-and-wife-team, deliver an interactive entertainment performance that’s suitable for any crowd. Performing together since 1983, they are highly experienced. And having made their way through the corporate event circuit, the pair knows the ins and outs of what it takes to be great corporate entertainment.

It all began from an early age when Jeff had his curiosity piqued after watching the exciting and mind-boggling performances of guest magicians featured on The Ed Sullivan Show. Deciding to hone his own skills in the magical arts, he eventually found himself working as a part-time magician in Toronto. It was there in 1983 that he met the naturally intuitive and enigmatic Tessa who had recently moved to Canada from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia to work as a fashion model. After acting as Jeff’s stage partner for a demonstration at a fashion show, the couple’s astounding one-of-a-kind act quickly received attention from fascinated audiences worldwide and it’s no mystery why. The Evasons are now recognized as the finest mentalist duo in the world.

The Evasons Experience

The Evasons have amazed audiences worldwide in over 28 countries with their thought provoking, interactive show consisting of ESP, Mind over Matter, Super Memory, Telepathy, Prediction and Levitation. They have been seen by millions on TV shows including Powers of the Paranormal on FOX, The World’s Greatest Magic on NBC, Grand Illusions on Discovery Channel, Open Mike with Mike Bullard on CTV, The Comedy Network, and Masters of Illusion on PAX.

In Las Vegas, they’ve performed at Bally’s, The Tropicana, Caesar’s Palace and The Rio. They work internationally on the finest cruise ships including Disney and Holland America. They regularly entertain at corporate events for major corporations. They have entertained United Nations troops in Europe, the Middle East and the Canadian Arctic. They have performed in Asia, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico. The world truly is their stage. Jeff & Tessa don’t call themselves psychics or magicians, and they don’t claim to have “supernatural powers” However, they have no secret assistants and they do not use any concealed electronic communication devices. In fact, they offer $25,000 to anybody who can prove otherwise. The Evasons focus on generating enthusiasm and creating a sense of wonder. Regardless of whether or not you accept ESP as a reality, their goal is to entertain the believers and the skeptics alike with a mind-boggling performance that leaves people talking!

Performance Style Of The Evasons

Those who attend one of the couple’s interactive and comedic demonstrations can expect to be captivated by Tessa’s uncanny ability to touch audience members with her powers of intuition. Blindfolded on stage, she’ll reveal your first and last name, birth date, a serial number on any bill in your wallet or even your best friend’s telephone number. Just when you’re on the edge of your seat and left utterly bewildered by her unbelievable displays of extra-sensory perception and prediction, she’ll challenge the limits of your belief even further. An audience member could be levitated with no strings attached or spirits might show up in photographs. As one audience member put it after seeing them perform, “Their abilities are so awesome it’s spooky!”

Why Hire The Evasons?

The Evasons perform for audiences worldwide. Event planners have called them easy to work with and professional both on stage and off. They also make a great act for campus entertainment and will keep the college crowd on their toes – certainly no small feat! The Evasons can tailor their act to any group, making it the perfect, customized entertainment for truly any audience. Whether for college or corporate events, theaters, cruise ships or casino showrooms, The Evasons’ award-winning performance will leave you wonderstruck! Millions have watched them on network television specials including The World’s Greatest Magic on NBC and Powers of the Paranormal on Fox. With bases in both the Washington DC & Baltimore MD area and in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you can now bring The Evasons to your next event – anywhere in the world.

Works Well in this Type of Event

Corporate Events, Private Events, Cruise Ships, Casinos, Trade Shows, Conventions, Charity Events, and Comedy Clubs and Festivals.

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“The entire audience was in awe over your show which helped make this the most upbeat and motivational end to a year that I can remember. I would have no hesitation recommending you for any corporate event. You do a great job not only presenting a remarkable show, but connecting to the company and making it relevant to the audience.”
American Express Canada

“The most amazing mind-reading act you’ve ever seen.”

“The finest act of its kind in the world.”

“To say that our guests were “blown away” by your presentation is an understatement. I have rarely seen them as enthralled.”
Allied Beauty Association

“The Evason’s amazing psychic show was a huge success at the 18th Annual Cancer Challenge Gala. Jeff and Tessa captivated and entertained our guests beyond our imagination. Many of our guests work for Fortune 500 companies. The Evason’s were right up there with other top performances that they have seen.”
The Cancer Challenge

“This year our planning committee had a difficult time deciding on entertainment for the meeting and worked for months to come up with the perfect show. I am so pleased to say that our decision to go with your performance was more than we could have expected. Your professionalism from the website to communication with me and the performance was way above standards. Now that two months have passed we still have associates talking about you and how they enjoyed the performance. I can’t thank you enough for the warm personality each of you have and reaching out to people and being willing to lift spirits up.”
CPP – Kerr Drug

“Experienced and polished, this duo certainly knows how to command an audience. Their performance was seamless, professional, and very entertaining. I heartily recommend them to anyone who would want to be guaranteed a successful event.”
Fednav Limited

“The awards banquet was a highlight of the convention and your entertainment was perfect for the evening. You guys are amazing! Everyone had a terrific time.”
International Association of Speakers Bureaus

“The combination of your showmanship, personality and fantastic skill all combined to present an extraordinary performance. For a meeting planner there is nothing better after a good performance than to have attendees ask where you found such exceptional talent. You made them ask! Thank you.”
Insurance Institute of Michigan

“The Evason’s performance was the highlight of the ACNielsen Advisory Board dinner event. Talk about a ‘wow’ factor, your interactive performance was highly entertaining, awe-inspiring, and fun. Our clients enjoyed your amazing show and everyone was left wondering how in the world you do the things you do! We were so impressed with your performance, that we again look forward to working with you again.”
ACNielsen Corporate Events