Todd Butler

Todd Butler
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Todd Butler is an award winning comedy songwriter with more than twenty years of experience in musical theatre, comedy clubs, street performance and special events. Renowned for his razor wit, he is a Prince of Parody, a Sultan of Satire, a Master of Mimicry, a Virtuoso of Voices and a quite amazing guitar player! By applying an outrageously creative musical brand of social commentary to a vast array of subjects Todd’s shows are hysterically funny and bitingly satirical, and his guitar playing will, quite simply, amaze you! Todd Butler is today’s choice for event planners and corporations right across Canada!

Todd Butler Experience

Todd is a veteran contributor to CBC Radio and Television. With over 20 years of live performance experience as both a musician/vocalist and a comedian, Todd’s skills are finely tuned to an exquisite point and he swings easily from lambasting politicians in hilarious political parodies to interpreting the latest news story with a twist and it is all done with careful consideration of appropriate musical style, cleverly chosen send-ups and whimsical wit!

Todd and his band, The Butler Brothers, (Todd is accompanied by Lee Oliphant on bass guitars and vocals and Vince Ditrich on drums and vocals) go from slow, smoky blues to breakneck bluegrass with ease. A night with these guys is a twisting journey through such varied musical terrain as Funk, R+B, Reggae, Country Swing, Blues, Bluegrass, and thoughtful ballads in the finest singer/songwriter tradition

Personality: In Todd’s own words… “Songwriting for me has always been about describing the world around me in all its wonder, stupidity, and beauty. When something bugs me or angers me, makes me laugh or haunts me, I have to write about it. Expressing myself through music is my passion and being able to share it with other people is my privilege. I have been told that I am all over the map and need to focus more on one style or another to be commercially successful…I can’t do it! I enjoy playing and writing so many different kinds of music that I could never imagine limiting myself to just one! I believe that audiences today want variety and excitement and surprises when they go to a concert. We definitely give them that!!”

Todd Butler Comedy Style

Each performance is crafted to the audience through extensive consultation and customization and is guaranteed to entertain you with a stunning combination of musical parody, outstanding musicianship and outrageous political satire.

Why Hire Todd Butler?

Guaranteed to entertain you with a stunning combination of musical parody and whimsical wit, Todd provides outstanding musicianship and outrageous political satire. He is the excellent choice for opening night of any conference. Todd researches your industry and company for specific material for new songs, and he includes specific songs around issues or people that clients identify. One of his clients has described him as a cross between Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Simon.

Works well in this Type of Event

Award Shows, Casino Shows, Comedy Clubs and Festivals, Corporate Events, Charity Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows
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“Todd’s humor was just the right blend of political satire, local jibes and awesome guitar playing”
Marilyn Bild/CIBC

“Todd was brilliant! His quick wit and musical talent was much appreciated by more than 400 of BC’s tourism leaders. We laughed until we cried!”
Tourism Industry Conference Program Chair

He was 60 minutes of pure joy to our delegates. Weaving the material we sent him into his basic program he kept (them) on their toes…”
BC Real Estate Association

“Todd’s unique style and brand of humor had every person in the room in a constant state of laughter…As the event manager…I could literally see the fatigue and anxieties leave the faces of the audience.”
Health Association of BC

“Totally awesome- he nailed it!”
Assante Advisory Services

Past Clients

Alberta Medical Association
Alberta Veterinary Medical Association
Bank of Nova Scotia
BC Rail
BC Real Estate Association
BC Trucking Association
Calgary Sun Advertising
Canadian Film Institute
Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute