Vitaly Beckman

Vitaly Beckman
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Vitaly Beckman is a world class Illusionist with more than 13 years of experience. Vitaly performs with passion and enthusiasm for the magic and love for the audience who inspires wonder.

Vitaly Beckman Illusionist Experience

Belarus-born illusionist Vitaly Beckman began practicing the art of magic at the age of 14. He was awe-inspired by the David Copperfield magic programs he would watch at his home in Israel. But unlike many aspiring magicians, he did not just try to mimic the legendary illusionist’s tricks—he was inspired to design his own. Aside from writing and performing all original material, Vitaly has the distinction of having invented and designed all of his illusions. he has performed internationally in theatres, at corporate events, and on TV and radio shows. Vitaly currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

Vitaly Beckman Performance Style

Vitaly Beckman’s show, VITALY: An Evening of Wonders, includes “Super Vision,” where Vitaly demonstrates his ability to read books and newspapers, from a 50-feet distance. Vitaly can make people disappear from ordinary photographs and appear on another. He also demonstrates object levitation, a paintbrush that paints by itself, escapes from chains using only mind power, and makes drawings of objects turn into the real thing: a concrete example of his belief that dreams can become reality.

As a keen observer of human behaviour, Vitaly knows that his show offers far more than magic. It goes beyond illusion to encompass “the realization of our dreams and the celebration of the human spirit. With the belief that we are only limited by our own imagination, the audience gets to experience the sensation that nothing is impossible” to get a glimpse of how life could be “if there were no limitations.”

Types of services available: 

1. Walk Around Magic: This is where Vitaly works the crowd, strolling in a party while engaging groups and individuals, or performing from table to table in a banquet. The guests are entertained in small groups and the magic is performed right under their noses. This type of performance can fit into any possible venue, and is often used at Award Banquets, Company Parties, Corporate Events, Private Celebrations and Gala Openings. It is also often requested as an addition to a stage show (either before or after the show).

2. Stage Show: An Evening of Wonders: Every illusion in Vitaly’s performance is original and represents an “impossible dream” that he has set out to accomplish. From making people disappear from their own driver’s licenses to teleporting playing cards from one audience member to another, Vitaly’s illusions defy logic and belief.

Why Hire Vitaly Beckman?

Vitaly has performed for corporations like Glentel, QLT-Pharmaceuticals, Chase, and CGA-Canada to name a few. What sets Vitaly apart from other corporate entertainers is his class, professionalism and the ability to bring to your corporate event artistry and wonder not often experienced with other corporate magicians.

Works Well in this Type of Event

Corporate Events, Conferences, Private Events, Festivals, Casinos, Charity Events, Sports Events, Community Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665.


“Illusionist Vitaly Beckman literally befuddles audiences at the Cultch with his imaginative hit show An Evening of Wonders. There’s a tendency to call our era the “seen-it-all” times… It’s hard to imagine that one man on a stage in East Vancouver could offer much that we haven’t seen. But – with the help of our imaginations, and his – he does.”“…the illusionist’s work is of magical simplicity. Objects disappear, reappear, and levitate with such startling, real-world matter-of-factness that the wonder of these moments is all the more great. There is a concreteness to the show that excites the imagination.”
Vancouver Weekly

“Master illusionist Vitaly Beckman inspires wonder”
The Vancouver Sun

“…is literally the master of his own magical domain”
The Province

“Thank you Vitaly for performing at our Year End Annual Gala… You were very professional to work with and easy to communicate with. Your show was a great highlight for our evening. The team members found your show very entertaining, wondering “how?” and talked about your show for days. Your show was unique and you can tell that you really have a passion for what you do… It was great to have you as part of our special evening. Thank you again.”
Christina Buchmann, Hilton Vancouver Airport

“Your illusion/magic show was incredible, your talent and flare far exceeded our expectations. You truly are a master of your craft. I hope that I can employ you again in the future…”
Janet Crich, LMQHA Awards Banquet Organizer letter

“…highly entertaining… very talented and easy to work with. I would rehire him without any hesitation. In fact, I hired him to perform at my daughters Bat Mitzvah. Guests from all over North America were amazed at his performance.”
Adele Lewin, Integration Coordinator, JFSA JFSA Recommendation Letter

“…magic and wonderment to the extreme satisfaction of all.  I recommend Vitaly for any social function where the objective is to have fun and positive memories!”
Randall Reynolds, President, FAB Financial Advisors Brokerage Group Inc