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Wayne Lee
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Wayne Lee is one of the hottest hypnosis comedy acts in Canada today. As a career hypnotist and magician, Wayne Lee is mesmerizing, charismatic, and funny. Wayne is a former Canadian amateur wrestling champion and school teacher who walked out of the classroom and onto the stage. Wayne’s passion for his career is evident the moment he takes the stage. Every presentation is unforgettable, filled with non-stop laughter and inspiration that allows people to explore the depths of their imaginations, break through their fears and live on purpose with more joy, freedom, and love.

Wayne Lee’s entry into the world of entertainment happened more by accident than design. A chronic injury ended a promising wrestling career. The classroom atmosphere lacked the passion burning within. He took a childhood interest in magic and a fascination with hypnotism, and honed them into a stage act that has delighted countless audiences at nightclubs, fund-raisers, and special events… virtually any venue where people gather to have a good time.

Experience: Over the years, Wayne has used hypnosis to entertain, excite, and mesmerize thousands of audiences across North America. He has delivered thousands of shows and presentations, working with thousands of people to explore the unlimited potential of the human mind, and if there’s one thing peak performance experts like Wayne Lee agree on, it’s that the mind is capable of leading us anywhere. He has performed over 2500 shows, hypnotizing over 25,000 people to explore the limits of their imagination, dance outrageously, and even act as celebrities! Wayne has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs and was recognized as Entertainer of the Year for 2008 at the Canadian Events Industry Awards.

Performance Style: What does it mean to Live the Laughter? With Wayne lee it means a highly interactive hypnosis show as unique as it is hilarious. It means gut-splitting laughter and improbable scenes acted out by audience members no longer inhibited by their fears. Wayne invites members of your organization to explore their creativity, engage their passion, and experience increased group synergy – all while having fun! Wayne helps individuals and groups get our of their comfort zone and truly become the performer they are meant to be. In this highly energizing and exciting show the audience can either see the show or be the show. Wayne Lee captivates and charms his audiences, then envelopes them in magic of the moment… with outrageously funny results. He has acquired life-long fans, individuals who became the stars of the shows they came to see. Wayne Lee is exciting, energetic, and awesome … a ‘must see’ for anyone who enjoys the art of laughter.

Why hire Wayne Lee? Wayne Lee is an unrelenting advocate for individuals and teams looking to turn potential into peak performance. Whether it’s on stage or in the boardroom, Wayne’s use of humour and powerful hypnosis techniques encourages people to drop their defenses, access their GPS and break through to new paradigms. Give your team the lift they have been waiting for and experience corporate entertainment at its finest. Wayne Lee delivers electrifying performances as he combines inspiration and entertainment that has empowered thousands of audiences to: achieve peak performance, increase personal self confidence, increase productivity, reduce stress, create a positive work environment, maximize workplace synergy, and increase team morale and cohesiveness.

During Wayne’s Corporate Hypnosis shows, audiences:
Dance outrageously, act out their dreams, and even become celebrities!
Survive unforgettable, side-splitting laughter
Re-discover their deepest passions and how to tap into them
Break through their fears and inhibitions to experience new found confidence
Discover the power of the mind to focus on achieving their goals and reaching new levels
Learn visualization techniques that reduce stress and increase relaxation
Connect with their colleagues while feeling energized, inspired, and empowered

Works Well in this Type of Event: Special Events, Corporate Events, Private Events, Charity Events, Casino Events, Celebrity Speaking Events, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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“Our crowds loved his show so much, they kept coming back for more.”
Canadian National Exhibition

“Fernandez had standing room only crowds throughout his show, literally rolling in the aisles'”
Western Fair Association

“Fernandez is an outstanding entertainer.”
Jaragua Casino – Santo Domingo, D.R.


“Wayne Lee’s amazing hypnotic skills continue to mesmerize and entertain our audiences year after year.”
Edmonton Klondike Days

“This was by far the best entertainment Groupex Systems of Canada has ever had!”
Groupex Systems of Canada

“Never has our industry seen such an amazing performance, by you and the participants!”
Association of Canadian Travel Agents

“You were energetic, funny and had the whole crowd mesmerized! The best entertainment in years!”
McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

“The most successful fun night we’ve had in years!”
Calgary Home Builders Association

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McDonalds Restaurants of Canada
Royal Bank Corporation of Canada
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Toys “R” Us Canada Ltd.
General Motors
Shell Oil Canada
Esso Canada
Princess Cruise Lines
Shoppers Drug Mart Canada
Sunlife Canada
Association of Canadian Travel Agents
Ontario Motorcoach Association
Alberta Milk Producer’s Society
Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc.
Alberta Home Builder’s Association