Wayne Morris

Wayne Morris
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Wayne Morris is a world-class entertainer who uses magic, hypnosis, and escapes to amaze audiences around the world. Wayne has always been an entertainer in one form or another, starting with being the class clown to becoming a world class performer.

Experience: Wayne Morris started in magic in his early teens, performing to the wonderment of friends and family. Magic became his profession in the mid seventies, working as a close up magician mostly in Edmonton and western Canada. But always having a fascination with hypnosis and a feeling that it was a magic of the mind and should go hand in hand with each other. He also felt that hypnosis was the stark reality to what we call the fantasy of magic. In the mid eighties Wayne traveled with Dr. Gene Farmer, a fellow performer of hypnosis held in high regard in the field who hailed. from Texas, Wayne performed as his close up magician/assistant. Wayne studied and work with Dr. Farmer learning all he could teach him, until eventually Wayne took over the whole show in 1992 with the retirement of Dr. Farmer. At this point in time Wayne took courses and studies on hypnotherapy.

From then until the present day, Wayne has been performing his show traveling all over western Canada. As a master magician, Wayne Morris has performed such stunts as the “Blind Drive”, down the main street of Kenora Ontario in 1982, to doing a chained water escape; at the water park in the world renowned West Edmonton Mall, in 1995, to now having started Mysteries of the Mind, 13 years ago, a show that combines the fantasies of magic and the wonderment of hypnosis.

Wayne Morris is also the only new generation hypnotist to have performed all the legendary stunts, such as “The Board of Nails”, “The Glass Walk”, “The Block Smash”, and the infamous “Suspended Animation” in which he placed a participant in hypnosis, laid out on a table: and was induced for 281/2 hours, at which time he was taken out of hypnosis.

Wayne has now done over 2000 shows, including over 200 underwater escapes and a bungee jump at West Edmonton Mall wrapped in chains. He has appeared in numerous TV shows and major newspapers throughout Western Canada. As of 2012, Wayne is preparing a new version of his brand of hypnosis, magic and escapes called Mysteries of the Mind. Wayne is proud of his work and provides a show that is in a class of it’s own.

Performance Style: Wayne’s show is one that combines the fantasies of magic and the wonderment of hypnosis. His show – designed to entertain in any family environment, to an adult show that is mature in nature without going to the obscene or sublime as to not embarrass anyone in anyway.

Why hire Wayne Morris? Wayne Morris is one of the best hypnotists in Canada with a solid Hypno Show. He is a world-class entertainer who uses magic, hypnosis, and escapes to amaze audiences around the world. He creates a positive experience for anyone coming on stage.

Works Well in this Type of Event: Private Events, Corporate Events, Festivals, Sports Events, Casino Events, Charity Events, Cruise Lines, Conventions, and Trade Shows.

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“As entertainment co-chairperson for the Royal Bank Cup Dog Pound, I tried to get a variety of acts to perform during the week long event. Our entertainment included rock bands, a polka band, comedians, a hypnotist and more. The crowd on hand for the Wayne Morris – Mysteries of the Mind show was fantastic, around 700 to 800, and not one person left before it was all over. The great comments are still pouring in on all aspects of the show, from Spider Man to the bed of nails. If we ever need that type of entertainment again, I would not hesitate to get Wayne Morris.”
Royal Bank Cup – Yorkton, Saskatchewan

“Our committee decided to have a hypnotist for entertainment at our staff Christmas party. We had a complete buffet meal, various awards with the entertainment to follow. I was concerned that we wouldn’t get many people wanting to be hypnotized well much to my delight, the stage area was flooded with volunteers. Wayne was friendly and easy to understand as he started to talk the people into “performing” for him. Needless to say, we laughed the entire show. It was a great hit with the staff and management. We had lots of staff tell us to get him back next year! Wayne was professional and very accommodating. Before the show, he likes to do a few “preshow” magic tricks from table to table. I would definitely recommend having Wayne Morris for entertainment for almost any event”

“I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Wayne Morris for 9 years. In that time, I have personally booked his show “mysteries of the mind” in upward of 20-25 times. I am so pleased with his performance that I refuse to hire any other hypnotist. On any given night, weekday or weekend, Wayne’s show draws a packed house in my club to the point of me actually holding him over for a second performance every time. Not only is the Hypnotist show second to none but he spends an hour before hand warming up the crowd with table magic. And not any table magic. To this day, I still do not know how he does it. He is constantly practicing and writing new material for his shows. Wayne is as professional as the conic and I will not book anyone but Wayne. He is a good friend and one of the best hypnotists I have ever seen. I would recommend Wayne to anyone at anytime no matter what the size of your venue. You will be so satisfied with him that you and your customers will be begging him to come back.”
Amigos Night Club

Past Clients
Canadian Navy Australia, New Zealand
Kenricia Hotel Kenora, ON
Windsor Hotel Dawson Creek, BC
Ford of Canada Awards, AB
Goose Loonies Edmonton, AB
Rodeo Club Edmonton, AB
Jubilee Auditorium Edm/ Calgary, AB
Sawridge Hotel Jasper, AB
Sportsmans Glenavon, SK
Connections Nightclub Weyburn, SK
Imperial Hotel Swift Current, SK
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