William James

William James
Topics: Hypnotists
Traveling From: Calgary 
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William James uses hypnosis as an entertaining art form. Regarded as one of Canada’s best hypnotists, William James delivers a mesmerizing event!

Experience: William James began apprenticing in Hypnosis in 1984. Over the next seven and a half years, William trained in many different areas of the mind – including hypnosis, audio pathic conditioning, neuro linguistic programming and cybernetics. William developed a true talent in the “science of the mind”, initially helping people eliminate allergies, phobias, fears, and various addictions.

Using the real science of Hypnosis and a desire to make people laugh, William toured North America as “Super Bill” Bentley until December 1999. With the turning of the new millennium, William’s scope grew to include an acting career as well as a stage career. Thus, “Super Bill” Bentley became Hypnotist (and actor) William James, with the addition of William’s improv show to his dossier.

William James Zombie Jamboree has been touring since 1996, with over 300 performances last year alone. Growing in scope to encompass well over 300 skits, which make up six completely unique and different stage shows ranging from one to three hours in length. Expanding his scope as an entertainer even further, William developed a full-scale comedy Game Show known as Jeparody Live! – which debuted to a mass crowd appeal in November 2001. Currently William James performs Hypnosis, Improv and Jeparody Live! Comedy Game Shows across North America and is building a rewarding acting career.

William James Shows Include: (Brief Overview of our Theme Shows)

The Rodeo Show: Complete with bull riders, hog callers, high wire walkers and full costume appearances of Richard Simmons, Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and the World’s Greatest WWF Wrestler “The Alienator”!

The Drunk Mexican Show: Using hypnotic water instead of tequila – audiences laugh hard as they watch their friends’ transformations – complete with the Mexican dating game and a visit from Pamela Anderson.

The Alien Show : We spend most of our time on another planet! Complete with the aliens first visit to earth and full costume “Miss Universe Contest” with Miss Mars, Miss Planet of the Apes and Miss Chiquita (Earth) competing for the crown. See what happens when aliens get exposure to earth television and various earth animals (audience members chosen to dress and act as different earth animals). It’s a riot!

Salute to the Movies Show: Full costumes recreating Jaws, the Titanic, Friday the 13th, a Nightmare on Elm Street, Rocky, Apollo 13, the Birds and the Beverly Hillbillies!

The Jerry Springer Shows: This show has a more adult based theme with appearances from Bill Clinton, Howard Stem, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and everyone out of Clinton’s past! (*Please ask for our other four Springer variations which are also available.)

The Greatest Hits Shows 1 & 2: Taking pieces of each of the first four shows, we’ve created two Greatest Hits shows (Springer not included), thus giving a taste from all the different shows!

Christmas Show: A hilarious way to celebrate the season -tops among corporate Christmas parties!

Contact: You can request information on our entertainment options through our on-line request form. Or, you can call us Toll Free at 1.800.693.6665.


“The crowd loved it! When it came time for William James to wind up his show, the crowd responded with the equivalent of a rock concert encore, chanting and banging their tables. The audience made it more than clear they wanted the show to go on!”
University of Lethbridge

“I would like to thank you for your outstanding performance during the Chrysler International Air Show! Our guests were from both Canada and the United States and were very impressed with the quality of your show, the showmanship and the incredible amounts of laughter you provided! I received so many positive comments about your entertainment that we want to have you back every year!!!”
Chrysler International Air Show

“William James has been performing his hypnotist show at Yuk Yuk’s Komedy Kabaret in Calgary/Edmonton on a weekly basis since November 1997. His shows are not only entertaining but also vary in content from week to week! William is professional both on and off the stage and is a pleasure to do business with.”
Yuk Yuk’s

“A definite crowd pleaser! If you are looking for excellent entertainment, this is the act for you!”
Lethbridge and District Exhibition (“Whoop Up Days”)

“Your hypnosis show was exactly what Peach Fest was looking for to fill the bill for our 50th Anniversary! I would recommend you to anyone!”
Penticton Peach Festival

“Playing to a crowd in excess of 400, the show was original, professional and very humorous! William James fulfilled the demands of a large entertainment complex like Red’s with both an entertaining and successful show!”
Red’s, Edmonton, Alberta

“Your production has ranked as “the best of all time! Christmas parties which we have had! It was exciting, enjoyable and hilarious, so much so that we have already re-booked you for next year’s party!”
A & W Restaurants

“Everyone really enjoyed the evening. Thanks again for the great, great, great performance on Saturday night!!!”
Fountain Tire

Past Clients

2000 Canadian Mixed Curling Championships
Chrysler International Air Show
Lethbridge Exhibition and Stampede (Whoop Up Days)
Manitoba Fall Fair
Manitoba Summer Fair
Penticton Peach Festival
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Hockey Invitational
Southern Alberta Wedding Fair
Western Canada Fairs Association
Alberta Association of Animal Health Technologists
Alberta Association of Dance Instructors
Alberta Food Brokers Association
Alberta Home Builders Association
Alberta Minor Hockey
Calgary Tower Staff Association
Fire Departments (Various Cities)
Government of Saskatchewan Employees Union
Hospitals (Various Cities)
Lions Clubs
RYLA Leaders of Canada
Royal Canadian Legions
Saskatchewan Government Insurance
A & W
Burger King
Calgary Sun
Canada Trust
CISA Television
Delta Hotels
Dow Agro
Fountain Tire
TD Bank
Yuk Yuk’s