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Say “Thank You” with a Motivational Comedian at Your Party

bigdaddytazzMake Your Summer Staff Appreciation Party One to Remember

Engaging your employees makes sound business sense; they’re more productive and they’re more likely to stick with your company if they feel appreciated. But salary alone isn’t enough to keep your staff engaged in the 21st century. They need to know that they’re appreciated and feel as though they are part of something bigger than their own careers. They need to feel as though they’re building something, and in order to foster that feeling, you as a business owner need to show your gratitude. There are plenty of small ways to incentivize performance throughout the year, and to simply say “Thank you.” In fact, actually saying “Thank you” is a pretty effective way to express your appreciation for a job well done.

But you want to throw a big appreciation party, with catering, games, drinks, even an entertainer. It’s going to be something that reminds your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and depend on their success. You want an entertainer who will keep the jokes clean but still score the laughs. You want your team to relax, but you still want to express a message. You want to be able to reinforce what it is your organization is all about. The team at Corporate Entertainers can help you find the motivational comedian you need to stay on point and still help everyone kick back. But first, here are some tips on working with a motivational comedian.

#1 Bring Your Event to Life: Comedy is the first step in opening your audience up to the message you want your event to convey. Just like with any good sales presentation, you need buy in from your audience. Unless you can deliver added value, your audience will disengage. Your employees will see it if your event is too company-focused. However, a laughing audience is an audience with good will.

#2 Define Your Message: What values do you want your organization to espouse? What’s the message that you want to convey to your team when you have the opportunity? What message would you like your staff to walk away with and remember when they return to their desks on Monday? Your message and your values should represent your brand, and it should be something that your employees feel they can stand behind.

#3 How Do You Deliver It: A motivational comedian is a great way to prime the room. Performers like Big Daddy Taz and Aisha Alfa use a combination of true-to-life anecdotes and jokes to make people laugh and to uplift the crowd. But if you’re planning on making a speech afterwards, make sure you practice. If facing a crowd that’s just been wowed by a professional performer makes your knees quake, though, find an emcee to deliver your motivational message, or a comedian who can transition from gags to a value-driven message.

Contact us by phone or by email if you want a night of laughter that your staff will be talking about for weeks, but one that can also motivate and reengage your employees. It’s a cinch finding the right performer for your summer staff appreciation party with our roster. Take a look and get in touch today.

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