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Secure a Top Performing Comedian for Your Boss’ Birthday

A Comedian Can Help the Office Celebrate a Big Birthday

Let’s face it – office birthdays can get a little awkward. This is especially true when it comes to the boss’ birthday or a colleague’s milestone anniversary. You’ve sang enough self-conscious renditions of ‘Happy Birthday’ to know that it’s hardly worth the brief break or the store bought cake that usually accompanies these singalongs. Uninspired and unexceptional, these celebrations become rote acknowledgements of another year, barely worthy of the word ‘celebration’ altogether.

It’s true, office birthdays get a bad rap, but they’re not inherently uncomfortable experiences. Though they often make everyone feel duty-bound to observe the occasion (the birthday guy or girl included!), they also have the potential to be fun and exciting events that colleagues want to celebrate. You only need to break the mould and create a memorable, enjoyable experience, and what better way to do that than by planning your boss’ party around a top-rated comedian or cover band?

While we can immediately start suggesting the names of our most celebrated performers, we prefer to know that this is something that your boss would enjoy. It’s their special day, after all, and they should celebrate it the way they prefer. If they’re expecting nothing more than a small break during the day to enjoy some cake (boring and uncomfortable as that may be) then planning a large after-hours party with hired catering and entertainment isn’t a good idea. Likewise, if they’re assuming you’ll go all out for a birthday bash, but all they get is a card signed by the office, then you’ve made a huge mistake. It’s a blunder that’s simple to avoid; all you have to do is ask. Do a little recon to find out what your boss wants before you speak with us.

If you’re worried about spoiling the surprise, think back on what they’ve done in past years. You can learn from history’s mistakes or build on its successes. The important part is that you create a celebration that reflects their personality, their wishes, and the budget!

Once you have a better understanding of what would be the ideal party for your boss, then we can get down to business. As a premier Canadian entertainment talent agency, we have a keen eye for detail, and we want to spend time working with you to learn about your goals for the birthday bash. With your knowledge of your boss’ wishes and our experience with Canada’s foremost talent, we can find the ideal performer for your event. We have an extensive roster of the best musicians, comedians, and corporate entertainers, and we’ll provide unsurpassed guidance to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Forget about a tired performance of ‘Happy Birthday’. A talented tribute or show band can play the top hits of the last several decades, creating a soundtrack that everyone will want to sing along with. And no one will say no to a piece of cake after all of the calories they’ll burn by dancing. Alternatively, an uproarious comedian can inject huge laughs to a milestone birthday. With custom-made routines crafted with the birthday CEO in mind, they can create a set full of career highlights, lighthearted razzing, and side-splitting jokes to celebrate.

Whether it’s an hilarious comedian or a thrilling live band scheduled for your boss’ birthday, the event is guaranteed to be a lighthearted and fun evening. So ditch the idea that office birthdays have to be awkward. If you give us a call, the next one you plan won’t be!

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