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Secure The Country’s Best Comedians Flying Out Of Halifax

bettemacdonaldThe Best Of Halifax Humour Is Just A Phone Call Away

While Halifax is by no means the largest city in the country, its small boundaries are home to big humour. Comedy has always been a driving force behind the city, with many of the most famous Canadian comics hailing from its fair shores. The country’s biggest comedies are filmed there too, including Mr. D, The Trailer Park Boys, and the long-running This Hour Has 22 Minutes. It then may not come as a surprise that our agency has had its pick of the litter when it comes to top performers with which to fill our rosters. But it’s not just us who benefits. When you’re looking for an evening of entertainment, you get to choose from our highly selective roster of the best Halifax based comedians.

Like Bette MacDonald, for instance – a comedian and actor you may recognize from her role in the aforementioned Mr. D. But with over 20 years in the industry, it’s not the only thing she’s known for. Bette has had a long and successful career in television, radio, and the stage, and it was early on that she first delighted her audiences. For eight years she toured with the Cape Breton Summertime Revue before she landed her first one-woman show. Since then she’s gone on to headline in such prestigious comedy events like the Ha!ifax Comedy Fest, for which she won a Gemini Award, and the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Some have compared her comedy style to John Candy, Bette Midler, and Carol Burnett, as her shows are packed with hilarious character work. The real resemblance, however, is how she can connect with her audiences. She exudes a warm charm that instantly engages any crowd, regardless of age or background. Once they’re comfortable, then the belly-laughs begin. With a few words or a simple lift of her eyebrows, she’s able to make audiences howl with laughter. It’s her experience as host for CBC’s radio show Madly Off in All Directions and star of her own CBC television series The Bette Show that makes her a shoe-in as both stand-up comedian and emcee for any corporate event.

When she isn’t busy touring the country entertaining corporations, Bette is busy writing for her new show Don’t Shoot the Messenger and working alongside her husband, Maynard Morrison. As another esteemed member of our Halifax roster, Maynard would also be an excellent choice for any function. Like his wife, he’s spent the last twenty years performing on stages across the country with his origins in the Cape Breton Summertime Revue. Over these two decades, he’s perfected his character comedy, performing with Canadian royalty like the Rankin Family and Rita MacNeil.

Each of his characters is suffused with quirky down-east charm, presenting a view on life that’s guaranteed to amuse a diverse crowd. If your office calls Halifax home, he’ll strike a chord in the hearts of your colleagues (and their funny bone, too!) as he reduces them to tears with his distinctive East Coast perspective. Nevertheless, both Maynard and Bette are certifiable crowd pleasers wherever you do business.

So if you’re ready to book the best comedians that the East Coast has to offer, pick up the phone today. Or, should you prefer to do your business over the Internet, check out our online request form. We’ve made it easy for you to contact us with whatever method you feel most comfortable. However you do it, you know that our experienced agents will connect you with the funniest comics who call Halifax their home.


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