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Singing Impressionists offer unique and original performances

Andre Philippe Gagnon

If you are an event planner looking to hire unique entertainment for your next event and want to ensure all of your guests have a fantastic and memorable time? Imagine entertainment that includes music, singing along with gut-busting comedy!  That is exactly what you get when you book a singing impressionist comedian.

Singing impressionist comedians offer their own unique, entertaining performance. They can perform a fun, exciting, and fast-paced show full of hilarity and hit music vocal impressions of many famous performers. These extremely talented entertainers deliver dead-on impressions of famous personalities that get audiences laughing and singing throughout the show. Singing impressionist comedians can even perform a customized show to fit the goals of an event. These professionals are skilled at creating a lively party atmosphere that will definitely be remembered.

Singing impressionist comedians offer something different for all types of people.  There are many different types and styles of singing impressionists.  Andre-Philippe Gagnon is one of the most seasoned singing impressionist comedians that audiences just love. From Mick Jagger to Vanessa Paradis, Louis Armstrong, Jean Chretien, Fred Flintstone, and more, Gagnon’s impressions of famous personalities are rapid-fire magic, to watch videos go to He offers an engaging blend of comedy and music, and between the jokes, his amazing voice actually delivers the essence of some of the world’s greatest singers. Singing impressionist comedians are a great choice for just about any event.

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