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Sophisticated Comedy For A Mature, Intelligent Audience—We’ve Got You Covered!

bob_robertson_comedyNext season’s corporate event—that keynote, seminar, get-away, fundraiser, awards ceremony, or dinner—is now looming, and you still haven’t invested the time into finding the right entertainer. You know that having a professional performer is a must—it’ll break up any potential tedium and seriousness of your occasion, make your staff feel at ease, and drive up attendance. But your company is composed of smart and savvy experts—people who are cultured, articulate, and literate. This is no time for a crude comic or vaudeville-like variety show, a celebrity impersonator or a circus-trained juggler. You know you need to find an act that matches the sophistication of your employees. But given your timeline, how do you know where to look to find that perfectly classy act?

The answer? Let Corporate Entertainers take care of it! We’ve got a whopping 178 different acts in our roster, and one is definitely going to be a perfect fit for even the pickiest of crowds. Take some time and start exploring all the different types of acts we have to offer. When you click on a portrait or name of a performer, you’ll be sent to a page with an in-depth bio, letting you know where that artist is coming from, where they’ve performed, what kind of acts they’re known for, and what events are best suited for their style. In essence, we take the guesswork out of assessing whether a comic delivers the right tone, or a musical act hits the right note. Each bio also comes with a YouTube video that shows the performer in action, giving you an undeniable preview of what you’ll get with each booking. No surprises—only professionalism!

For example, and if you’re looking for comedy, take a look at Bob Robertson, a celebrated satirist that turns his keen eye to the headlines, lambasting our politicians, corporate leaders, and newsmakers with brilliant wit. Also investigate Denis Grignon, who’s been described by the Ottawa Citizen as a comedian who “respects an audience’s intelligence.” He’s a bilingual comedian who aims for intellectual laughs and who eschews the crude, below-the-belt gags that might sour your sophisticated crowd.

Another huge benefit to using our service is that after you fill out a request form, indicating what kind of event you’re throwing, how many will be in attendance, and any other details you might want to impart (such as the particular tastes of your audience—a must!), we’ll offer you a proposal on your options based on your needs. We routinely work with corporate bodies to narrow down the field and fine tune the selection process. If you’d like to speak with one of our representatives over the phone, you can do so, and we can help you weight the pros and cons of each performer on our site. If your ideal speaker or entertainer isn’t listed, then never fear—Corporate Entertainers will happily track him or her down and get you an answer as to their availability. So think big, and remember that no matter how picky your audience might be, we’ll help you find the perfect act!

Don’t take chances on a performer found online or through word of mouth—a mismatch in styles and tastes could prove disastrous! Let Corporate Entertainers guide you through the process and work hard to meet all your needs. You could say that it’s the smart choice for corporate events.

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