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Stand-Up Comedians Bring Crowd-Pleasing Performances

stand_up_comediansOur Roster Of Stand-Up Comedians Keep The Tradition Alive And Well

Ever stop to wonder about the popularity of comedy clubs and stand-up comedy in general? Our roster of stand-up comics is constantly in demand from coast to coast, entertaining intimate rooms and enormous halls and showcasing acts to any kind of audience. The best stand-ups always know the roots of their art-form; as students of the game of comedy, they’re able to channel many years of comedic tradition into the their very modern shticks!

Did you know that the history of stand-up comedy stretches back to the 19th century? In Great Britain, saloon-style bars and public houses gave way to the music hall of the 1850s, which featured musical performances, theatre, and ballet, and by the latter half of the century, variety-style theatre — often called saucy, over-opulent, and bawdy by more sophisticated entertainment-seekers. These grew up alongside the boisterous American vaudeville shows of the 19th century — acts with broad appeal and larger-than-life personalities (and often regrettable ethnic stereotypes).

Single-act music hall performers rose to prominence in Britain in the 20th century, as did the more recognizable comedy club acts in the United States. America’s stand-up innovators were people like Bob Hope, George Burns, and Frank Fay, who became international stars freed from a particular venue. In new nightclubs, smaller hot spots, and cafes in New York and California through the 50s, 60s, and 70s, America produced stars such as Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Woody Allen, Phyllis Diller, and many more, eventually cementing what we know and love about stand-up comedy tropes, subject matter, delivery, topics, and boundaries.

Now, stand-up comedians find their way into sitcoms on television, humorous radio broadcasts, Hollywood movies and late-night talk shows, and sell out performances and DVD recordings around the world. International festivals like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Montreal’s Just for Laughs, and HBO U.S. Comedy Arts Festival draw crowds of eager attendees. Tiny clubs still cater to up-and-coming talent and emerging artists, and with the advent of the Internet and social media, burgeoning comedians can broadcast their acts without having to go through the usual channels.

Hiring a stand-up comic for your next corporate event is a sure-fire way to please and delight your audience. Because the form is so malleable to different genres and performance styles, we’re able to offer the services of ethnic and aboriginal comics, celebrity impersonators, magical comedians, improve specialists, political satirists, variety acts, character comedians, those with a more crude and rude sense of humour, those who keep it squeaky clean, and everyone in between. This makes finding a comedian for your particular corporate environment, event, and audience extremely easy, and takes all the hard work of tracking down and booking a comic out of the equation.

Next time your event needs some comic relief, remember that we’re here to help you through the process. Book a stand-up comedian with us this season and keep your guests laughing long after the night’s through.

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