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Stand Up Comedy At Your Corporate Event Makes Business Sense

Give your Attendees A Reason To Laugh When You Hire A Clean Comedian At Your Event

If you’re in charge of planning your company’s next big event, you know to ensure everyone has a terrific experience, it takes a lot of time and work. One area of event planning that is as important as the venue and food is finding the right entertainment. One type of entertainment that is a hit at corporate events is a clean comedian show. Giving event attendees a reason to laugh is the perfect way to encourage everyone to take a break from the business part of the event, kick-back and relax, and enjoy themselves.

By hiring a professional corporate comedian, you’ll be giving everyone a much-needed break from the tiring presentations for some informal fun and camaraderie. Experienced corporate comedians are comfortable providing lively and intelligent comedic performances. There are even corporate comedians who can tailor their material with business-appropriate performances by incorporating specific details of the business and people into their material. They will normally ask if you would like specific topics or experiences relevant to the company to be included in their act.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have an extensive list of corporate comedians. Below is a few who may be the right fit for your next corporate event.

Denis Grignon performs bilingual comedy that’s minus the naughty words, cheap put downs and low-brow humour. When it comes to empathizing with corporate culture, Denis can relate. He’s insightful enough to know what his audience wants and funny enough to deliver it. Indeed, it is Denis’s ability to research his audiences and custom write material around them that has made his comedy a hit with lawyers to landscapers, public servants to farmers.

Brian Stollery is one of Western Canada’s most sought after corporate comedians.When you book Brian Stollery, you won’t just get another comedian doing a canned act. You will get a one-on-one consultation with Mr. Stollery where he will take the time and make the effort to find out about your event. Mr. Stollery will then write comedy material specific for your function, always careful to never offend or embarrass. The result, is a very entertaining, personalized, extremely funny show. Brian Stollery is the comedian of choice for event planners and corporations across Canada!

Michel Lauziere is a combination of inventor / acrobat / comedian / musician and juggler rolled up into one charismatic “Master of the Unusual.” Michel’s corporate, private function and special event performance, consists of Michel’s signature pieces (balloon and horn suit), as well as a number of his favorite musical site gags for a duration of up to 60 minutes. Artist of universal appeal, Lauzière is one of the few comedian-performers who can charm and entertain audiences of all social backgrounds, all ages, and all cultures. Michel Lauziere is an artist which invariably dazzles by his humor, tenderness, wit, and incredible skills.

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