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Surprise Your Audience With A Comedian Ventriloquist

ventriloquistsThe Comedian Ventriloquist is highly sought after corporate entertainment for a wide range of corporate events, including; conventions, banquets, business after-dinner entertainment, conferences, awards dinners, and more. Corporate comedian ventriloquists are the entertainers who are most suitable for the corporate market.

Comedian ventriloquists deliver a performance that includes a combination of clean comedy for the corporate audience, variety entertainment, and the amazing puppet, all thrown into an entertaining and hilarious show. Experienced corporate comedian ventriloquists create a program that is tailored to the specific corporate event. When the puppet first notices the audience, everyone erupts in laughter. The audience becomes part of the show and no one is offended or embarrassed. The comedian ventriloquist can even infuse specific keywords and emphasize messages and themes to make the experience more memorable. Targeted material that is relevant to the audience and company always keeps everyone engaged, and it brings people together to share in a fun and hilarious experience that builds camaraderie. And with some customized quips, the audience has no doubt that the show is designed just for them.

Corporate Entertainers has the best Corporate Comedian Ventriloquists for your next event. Norma McKnight is Canada’s amazing comedy ventriloquist and one of the most requested Ventriloquist Comediennes. Norma McKnight is a knockout as she chats with a hot-blooded granny! Although some of her characters may appear child-like, make no mistake – her shows are entirely geared towards adult audiences, but are not x-rated. Each and every show is customized for that particular audience. Corporate audiences are always left in stitches. For more information on Comedian Ventriloquist Norma McKnight, please visit:

Here is a recent reference:

“Everything went very well. Norma was great, she had everyone laughing and I heard nothing but fabulous comments. Everyone really enjoyed the live dummies segment. As our mayor indicated “the choice of entertainer really made the night!  Thanks again for everything.”


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