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Sylvain Larocque is Always Funny – in French or in English!

sylvain_larocqueSylvain Larocque, the Darling of French Canada, is Ready to Make the Night

It being Canada, many of our clients have contacted us for help in finding a bilingual performer for their upcoming keynote, gala, or charity function. Offices across the country operate in more than just English, and so will their events. If the core presentations of corporate events are spoken in English, French, or a combination of both, it only makes sense to hire a performer who can match your linguistic dexterity. When you need someone who can comfortably go back and forth between both official languages, there’s no better choice than Sylvain Larocque. Celebrated mega-star of French Canadian comedy, he’ll keep your crowd giggling no matter what.

Sylvain had an atypical start to his comedic career. First studying chemistry at McGill University, he later graduated from the University of Montreal, after which he became a representative of an IT company. Businessman by day, stand-up comedian at night, his unique comedy style took him from Montreal’s comedy clubs to the nation at large, where he travelled across the country. Eventually, his stand-up catapulted him into the global comedy scene, and he travelled around France and Switzerland extensively. Now a highly recognizable and sought-after star in Quebec, Sylvain is most well-known for his work as a comedic actor and writer for such shows as, Caméra café, Camping sauvage, and Un gars, une fille, for which he won a Gemini Award. Since then, he’s also won the title of Writer of the Year four times at the Olivier Awards Gala.

English Canada will recognize Sylvain from his many appearances at the renowned “Just for Laughs”. With an astounding 12 performances at the Montreal festival, 8 of which were on the main stage of the gala, Sylvain has entertained Canadian and international audiences alike. Somehow, he still found the time to star in his own prime-time Comics special on CBC.

Sylvain is also one of the very few truly bilingual performers in the country, and his ability to go in between languages makes him the ideal choice for an inclusive show. Slipping seamlessly from French to English, Sylvain can switch back and forth or stay with whichever language your crowd’s more comfortable. It doesn’t matter if he delivers his hilarious material in French or English, your bilingual crowd will be laughing. Sylvain has the unique ability to make people laugh, regardless of where they come from or what language they speak.

Just ask quickly as he can substitute one language for another, Sylvain can adapt his material and comedic style to suit the room. Incredibly versatile and entirely accommodating, he works hard to make sure everyone feels a part of the event. As a host, emcee, or stand-up comedian, Sylvain puts on a clean, hysterical performance.

When your upcoming event demands bilingual hilarity, don’t settle for anyone but Sylvain. It doesn’t matter if his set is in French or English, he talks the language of comedy. If you’re ready to hire Sylvain as your host or comedian, please let us know. One of our agents will get you in touch with Sylvain, so you can get the perfect host for your evening.

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