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The Benefits Of Live Music As Corporate Entertainment

retrocityOne of the most widespread forms of entertainment is Music. Whether listening in the car, on the iPod, at home, at work, or at the gym, it seems that music surrounds us everywhere.When it comes to corporate event planning and the search for great corporate entertainment, why not add live music as the event entertainment.

Whether it is a conference, convention, trade show, product launch, employee fun day, or another business function, adding live music to the experience can really enhance the event. Because music affects our emotions, entertaining, upbeat music can help put attendees in a great mood. Music can also be used to help achieve the event’s goals. It provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for business networking. Enjoyable and appropriate music can also help enhance a company’s image.

There is a wide range of music styles and genres so there is the perfect music choice for any occasion, any type of audience, and to support the particular goals of a corporate event. For example, a Showband adds life to an event and gets an audience singing, cheering and even dancing. Pop Bands and Rock Bands are more suited for events where loud music and dancing is desired. For formal events such as business dinners and awards banquets, classical music creates an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. A musical quartet will add a fun, festive atmosphere to a holiday party.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have a wide range of professional music entertainers for corporate events. Retrocity is a retro a cappella music band made up of eight totally rad singers that electric boogaloo their way through your favourite tunes from the 80s and beyond, without a Casio or drum machine in sight. The bold, textured a cappella arrangements capture an astonishing range of instrumental imitation. Righteous guitar riffs, sensual sax solos, dope drum beats and sizzling synths… all performed with the human voice. From Sting to Salt ‘n Pepa, nobody delivers a blast of tubular tuneage like Retrocity. For more information on Retrocity, please visit:

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