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The Best Edmonton Entertainers Make Your Event A Knockout

paul myrehaugThree of Edmonton’s Best

When it comes to funny cities in Canada, Edmonton isn’t the first metropolis that comes to mind. Most probably, you’ll think of Toronto for its Second City Theatre. If not the 6ix, then you’ll look to the east coast’s cluster of witty islands. Or maybe your sights lock onto Winnipeg, known for its career-making comedy festival.

It’s true, Edmonton probably doesn’t make it very high on your list, but it would be a disservice to the city and the comedians who call it home. Some of the funniest comedians in the country fly out of Edmonton to wow and delight audiences all over the world. That’s why we want to take a little bit of time today to highlight the impressive careers of three of the best comedians living in Edmonton.

Lars Callieou

Named the Funniest New Comedian in Edmonton back in 2004, we’d be amiss not to include Lars Callieou in our list. Since then, he’s toured the continent and the world and has only gotten funnier. Sharing the stage with the likes of Russel Peters, Mike MacDonald, Aries Spears, Kevin Pollack, and Mitch Fatel, he stands on the shoulders of giants.

Lars is known for his edgy humour and charismatic performance style. Before audiences realize it, he’s grabbed their attention and stolen laughs straight from their belly.

Paul Myrehaug

Though he’s an Alberta boy through and through, Paul has toured the world with his hilarious stand-up, including the UK, Belgium, India, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy –just to name a few! He’s also had the honour of performing before Canadian, American, and UK troops in Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq. With his own Comedy Now! special and multiple performances at the Just For Laughs Festival, Paul’s a stand-up veteran.

Wherever he performs, he charms audiences with his natural charisma before he surprises and delights them with his hilarious wit. Paul effortlessly draws in crowds with his arresting stage presence and teases out huge belly laughs.

Sterling Scott

Another Edmonton comedian to have performed in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, Sterling Scott is a rising star within the Canadian comedy circuit. His comedy has taken him all over North America, including return performances at the renowned Apollo Theatre. When he isn’t travelling, he’s a writer and actor on the CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Known for his high-energy sets, Sterling was the winner of Edmonton’s International Comedy Festival “Young Guns” competition. During his set, he explores relationships, current events, family life, and the awkward daily experiences we all share. Though his comedy is informed by Trinidad and Tobago roots, Sterling is able to relate to his audience and make them laugh.

Lars, Paul, and Sterling make up three of the hilarious comedians hailing from Edmonton, and there are many more that call this city their home. So the next time you start listing funny places in Canada don’t overlook Edmonton. In fact, hire any of its uproarious comedians for your upcoming corporate function, gala, or keynote. You’ll definitely be impressed!

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