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Tips For Searching Great Corporate Event Entertainment

steve_stubblejumpski_comedianIf you are just in the planning stages of your next corporate event, it is important to ask yourself the question: How do you want people to remember your event?  As a fun and memorable event?  Or as boring and a waste of time and money?  Obviously you want it to be fun and memorable so follow these helpful tips and make your next event an overwhelming success.

You invest time into finding a corporate entertainer. The entertainer you select comes highly recommended. However, the entertainer is not a hit with your guests, and guests begin visiting and not paying attention. So what happened?  Well, you likely did not hire an entertainer that fit your event goals. It is important to hire corporate entertainment that fits the corporate event’s theme and goals.

When choosing entertainment, it is important to hire entertainment with corporate expertise. View performance videos, read entertainer profiles, their experience, and past clients, including testimonials. After all, you want to ensure you get a return on your entertainment investment. To do so, you need to know your precise entertainment needs to succeed. As well, you should have the venue set up to ensure a full audience experience. This includes making sure guests are able to clearly see the stage, guests are close enough to feel as though they are part of the experience, and use a sound system designed to handle the room capacity. Remember, the corporate event is about your guests so make sure you hire corporate entertainment that will make an impact.

Steve Stubblejumpski is a funny character comedian that was created by Robert Saik in 1986 and is sure to make an impact with your audience.  Who is Steve? Steve is just an ordinary guy trying to cope in an age of the information high-way while waiting for a paved road to his farm. He is an old Ukrainian farmer who is married to Stella and runs a mixed up farm near Double Bumps (Two Hills, Alberta). Steve uses good “clean” humour to entertain and get his point across on farming, travel, politics, hunting, fishing, family life, technology, and the internet. He has a special flair for integrating your message into the program. An intelligent, yet hilarious commentary is often enough to drive key messages home to your audience. Steve’s outlook is simple, fun, and relevant. And, he is a dynamic keynote speaker. Steve is a great way to ensure your event will be a memorable success. For more information on Steve Stubblejumpski, please visit:

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