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Tips To Planning Successful Company Picnics


Chris Funk Interactive comedy and entertainment is a great match for your next company picnic.

Many companies will hold annual picnics for their employees and families. There are a lot of great reasons to host a company picnic. They are social so they encourage employee interaction which helps to strengthen teamwork. They also show employees they are valued and the company is committed to them and their families. Picnics are a really fun and relaxing time for everyone.

Planning the company picnic is not difficult when you get organized. Create a spreadsheet with category headings that include: Budget, Location, Food and Beverages, Entertainment, Activities, Invitations, and Party Favors, and top corporate entertainers. The worksheet will help you to organize and put all tasks under each category. Remember, before you start arranging and booking things, you need to know your budget and the number of people attending. When you know this, you can figure out how much you have to spend for each category in the spreadsheet. Be sure to set aside some of the money for sudden, unexpected expenses.

Once you know your budget and the number of people attending, including family members, you should pick a location. Consider weather issues, such as if it rains. You could set a rain date or have a party tent rental booked. When considering the location, make sure there is a lot of room for people to move around as well as room for activities. Try to find a location that has to be reserved.

Entertainment is always a popular addition to a company picnic. If families are attending, the entertainment should be family-friendly. Think interactive entertainment that is unique and will be enjoyed by everyone, including kids. Juggler Comedians, Magic Comedians, Variety Comedians, and Singing Impressionist Comedians, are some good choices.

At Corporate Entertainers, we have entertainers who would be a ‘hit’ at a company picnic! Chris Funk is a Winnipeg magician and illusionist combining hilarious comedy. Chris has definitely made a name for himself as one of Canada’s premiere close up magicians. He has been in demand for functions that range from black tie events to corporate functions to weddings and private parties. Chris’s show is a winning combination of magic for the eyes plus mental magic presented with humour that will be attractive to everyone – always a clean, respectable show. In his performance, Chris will accurately will predict impossible circumstances and cause borrowed objects to appear in unusual places all while interacting in an engaging, captivating, hilarious way, making everyone think… How’d He Do That!

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