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Tips You Need to Know After you Hire a Comedian

gery_schubert_comedyAfter you hire a comedian for your event, there is a bit more you have to do to make sure your event is a ‘hit’ with your guests. A comedy show should not be a surprise to guests so let them know about the comedian who will be performing. It is also a great way to promote the event.

It is critical to go over important details with the comedian prior to the event. Consider at what point during the event you want the comedian to perform. It will depend on the type of event. For instance, if it is a dinner event, comedy works best after or before the meal. If it is a conference or convention, scheduling the comedian to perform somewhere in the middle of the event gives the audience a chance to kick-back, relax, and share in some laughter.

Ask the comedian if you will need to provide sound equipment. If you require sound equipment such as an amp, microphone, etc, you will likely need to talk to the venue manager. Remember, for your comedian to be a ‘hit’ with your group, they will have to hear the material. As well, ask the comedian how he or she would like to be introduced and set the tone for the comedy performance by asking guests to turn off their cell phones.

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