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Toby’s Humble Charm Softens The Edge Of His Honest Comedy

toby_hargraveFor A Great Evening Of Charming Story-Telling & Fun, Book Toby Hargrave

We would be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy story time as a child. Who didn’t? It was a break in the middle of the day that let you relax and digest all of the new things you learnt in class. Decades may have passed since your last story time, but you can still appreciate a breather from a long day spent networking with new clients and learning updated policies. Any keynote, conference, or sales function demands a bit of time reserved for non-work related things, and what better way to do that than with Toby Hargrave, hilarious storyteller and all-round great guy?

Dubbed the “happy Hagrid” of the comedic world, he shares with this wizarding character from Harry Potter a large and friendly presence. Audiences can’t help but be captivated by his easy warmth and self-effacing charm, making him the perfect narrator of your grownup story time. But that’s where his similarities to the character of the popular children’s series end. He leaves behind the safe and easy tales from fiction for the unusual (yet no less true) accounts of real life. Toby focuses on the absurdity of the truth to reveal the hilarity of everyday life.

Toby has entertained audiences all over North America with his unique brand of comedy. From Yuk Yuks to The Comedy Store to The Laugh Factory, he’s performed at some of the most famous theatres and clubs in the country. Over his long career, he’s also had the privilege of travelling and performing at such acclaimed comedy festivals as The Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, the Atomic Comedy Festival in Washington State, and the Vancouver Comedy Festival, where, in 2005, he was voted the “Funniest Comedian in Vancouver”. Since then, he’s travelled with other comedy legends, like Russell Peters, Harland Williams, Bob Saget, and Jeremy Hotz.

In addition to being a gifted storyteller and a celebrated comedian, Toby is a distinguished performer in the sketch comedy scene. Indeed, he cut his teeth on improve shows back in ’92, after which he joined the award-winning Rapid Fire Theatre and the renowned group Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. He’s also nurtured an impressive career on the small screen and in feature films.

Because his work has taken him to stand before diverse crowds all over North America, Toby calls the stage his home. He can connect with anyone, and he always manages to relate with his audiences. He has a universal appeal that makes people want to listen, and your guest list will be rewarded for their attention! Toby weaves an engrossing story strengthened by his charm and honesty. Audience members will find themselves commiserating over shared opinions with Toby, vindicated for having heard their thoughts said back to them. At the same time, they might be in for the hilarious shock of the truth, impressed that Toby’s willing to put the oddities of adult life into words. It’s a show that will keep your audiences engaged and always guessing.

If you’re ready for a distinguished comedian to take the stage to charm, surprise, and impress you guest list, it’s time that you get in touch with one of our representatives. We can connect you with Toby on your behalf and secure a gifted storyteller for your next event. So don’t delay and speak with us soon!


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