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Top Impressionist Johnny Vallis Is Ready To Rock Your Event

johnnyvallisYour Next Function Needs Johnny Vallis, The “Man Of Many Voices”

We may have just turned the calendar to 2016, but you can expect to hear the greatest musical voices of the last century when you book Johnny Vallis for your next event. As one of our few multi-impersonator tribute artists on roster, Johnny brings unprecedented versatility to the stage as a performer, wowing audiences with his uncanny resemblance to so many rock ‘n’ roll legends. Let your function’s attendees revel in his mastery. But knowing his fun, charming, and engaging performance, their awe won’t last too long – they’ll be up on their feet before they know it!

Why hire an entertainer who can only reliably impersonate one celebrity when you can book a performer like Johnny? Known as the “man of many voices”, he doesn’t just impersonate one or two of your favourite musicians. No, Johnny pays tribute to artists like Elvis, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Louis Armstrong, and Garth Brooks – just to name a few! The list goes on and on. You name the musician and more than likely he’s got the costume and chops for them. With a massive list of voices that seemingly goes on forever, Johnny has certainly earned his nickname.

When a man can sing like so many other musicians, chances are it might prove difficult for him to choose his favourite to impersonate. Not for Johnny, however. Though he may have started his career long ago first as an Elvis impersonator, his heart will always be with the late, great Buddy Holly. With his hair coiffed and a pair of thick rimmed glasses set on his nose, you would be hard-pressed to find a more similar looking impersonator. Backed by his band (appropriately named The Legends) he doesn’t just look the part – he sounds it too, delighting audiences with his pitch-perfect renditions of Buddy’s biggest hits like “Peggy Sue” and “That’ll Be the Day”.

Johnny self-ascribes his show as an ode to Las Vegas, since he blends spectacle and comedy into his music. This Vegas style act is why he’s such a success. Though his truly impressive adoption of mannerisms and voices plays a part, success is partly due to his clean, friendly, and hilarious ways. In fact, he considers himself a comedian before an impersonator. It’s with this foundation in comedy, and a tongue firmly planted in cheek, that he’s able to weave playful, hilarious stories into his act and charm his audiences. It’s an act that he’s taken all over the world, including North America, Australia, and even Malaysia where he performed in front of the King and Queen of Malaysia.

But you and your company don’t have to be royalty in order to listen to this versatile impersonator. Though Johnny has travelled all over the world and has met some of the biggest names in entertainment, he simply loves performing. Whether that’s for ordinary people, entertainment greats, small enterprises, huge corporations, private affairs, or multi-national conventions – he’s your man. Wherever he goes, he brings with him a contagious energy, polite professionalism, impressive versatility, and all of those voices.

If an evening with Buddy, Elvis, or Mick sounds perfect for you event, give us a call. We’re happy to get in touch with Johnny on your behalf and book him for your upcoming function.


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