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The Power of Entertainment – It Can Make or Break Your Event

Here at our offices, we never underestimate the influence a carefully chosen performer has over a special event or function. Alternatively, we understand how quickly a poorly selected entertainer can negatively impact your conference, convention, or charity gala. In our experience, your choice in entertainment has the power to deem your event a success or a failure. That’s why we’ve spent the last 44 years helping organizations and corporate event planners find the perfect comedian, mentalist, or musical acts for their event.

Whether you’re planning a staff holiday party, a fundraiser, or a seminar, we apply the same level of commitment to our search for the best and brightest talent. For many of our clients, our exclusive, white-glove service surprises them, but it doesn’t take long for them to realize just how seriously we take our jobs. We’re determined to connect you with the greatest performer for your event because we know the entertainment isn’t just a distraction. It’s a way to generate interest, underscore objectives, and reinvigorate your audience.

Creating Publicity
Most organizers see their parties, galas, and meet-and-greets as a fun way for employees and managers to eat, drink, and be merry. It’s a time outside of the walls of the office to socialize and have a good time, where colleagues can strengthen bonds and relationships. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is, most people who are invited to company-wide events aren’t looking forward to them in the way you’d expect. To many, these conferences, functions, and seminars are boring and tedious. Packed together in one location for a full day (or longer!), attendees find it awkward to make forced conversation with people they barely know outside of the office. As a result, they can be hesitant to mark themselves as ‘going’.

It’s your job as an event planner to convince them otherwise, and having a recognizable performer on your agenda is one way of doing that. A world-class comedian or musical act will generate interest and compel those on the fence about their attendance to RSVP ‘yes’.

Reinforce Values
There’s a purpose behind every event. A staff party is meant to celebrate the achievements of the employees; a conference is an opportunity to learn new techniques, policies, and products.  Other events serve to inspire and motivate. Whatever objective you hope to achieve through your event, our entertainers can help you attain it. By customizing their material, they can create a performance that reflects the unique challenges and accomplishments your workers, company, and industry face. They can support certain directives or missives that you want to hammer home, and through the use of comedy or music, they’ll make sure these ideas stick.

Break Up Monotony
There’s a reason why there are scheduled breaks throughout the workday. It’s a moment to recharge your batteries, so you don’t overwork yourself too early on in the day. Though they don’t involve the typical tasks of the 9 – 5, special events are still work, and they should be treated that way. Breaks to split up the day are an important opportunity to renew the energy, motivation, and concentration of your guests. When you schedule a 30, 60, or 90 minute engagement with a comedian or musician, it’s an occasion for those drained by talks of stats, numbers, and procedures to recover. Without it, you run the risk of boring or running your audience ragged with details until they’re no longer engaged with the proceedings.

If you can understand why a talented and recognizable performer can improve your event, take the time to explore our roster. You can search through our vast selection of entertainers by budget, location, and themes. Of course, we’re available by phone and email to help make your search even easier. So give us a call, and we’ll set you up with a performer who will change your special event for the better!

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