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Use Comedy & Magic To Drive Trade Show Sales And Leads


Trade shows are often very large events in which hundreds, and even thousands, of exhibitors are competing to catch the attention of people passing by their booths. When there are so many booths, trade show attendees can be overwhelmed and later forget most of the booths and the products or services that were featured. Considering that businesses often spend a lot of time, money, and effort on their exhibit at these trade shows, it is important to come up with a way to stand apart from all of the other booths and not rely on ineffective gimmicks to try to increase their trade show presence. One way for a business to achieve their trade show goals and increase their return on their investment is to hire Magic Comedians with experience working trade shows.

A trained and experienced comedy magician who is skilled in the art of entertaining and communication, and has a solid understanding of the trade show business, can help with capturing quality business leads to a trade show booth and also help increase sales. A comedy magician can develop a number of illusions or tricks based around a brand, product, or service and scout the trade show floor for attendees matching the description of the target consumer. After dazzling attendees with amazing close up magic focused on the brand, product, or service, together with and some witty humour, the brand, product, or service is ingrained into the memory of each attendee.

At Corporate Entertainers, we feature comedy magicians who specialize in trade shows. Magician Anders Boulanger has been performing for over 20 years, Anders has performed across North America, providing clean comedy magic. Anders Boulanger does stage shows and strolling magic at corporate events, theme parks, trade shows, grand openings, and exhibitions. Something that Anders Boulanger specializes in is combining a company’s sales message with their magic. Anders draws crowds to your booth by using magic as the magnet to stop people who would otherwise simply walk past. He can hold the crowd there for a reasonable length of time (10-12 minutes), and impart enough information to wet their buying appetites. Increasing the traffic, leads and sales is the main focus of what Anders does for companies at trade shows. When you experience magic happening in your own hands, you’ll know why Anders has won awards for his sleight of hand magic.

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