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Use Creative Ideas When Planning New Product Launches

chris_funkWinnipeg comedy magician Chris Funk has many years experience with product launches

A product launch is designed to reveal and promote a new product, service, or highlight the key messages of a company and its brand. Because so much is invested in creating as much as exposure as possible, coming up with unique, creative ideas for the product launch will help ensure a spectacular and memorable event.

Sometimes product launches are scheduled as local events using a venue such as a conference centre or hotel or conference center. As well, product launches are held at trade shows and during a major conference or convention to promote a new product launch or re-introduce certain products and services. No matter the venue, it is important to attract attention, draw in the attendees to see the product being promotes, and ensure it will be remembered for a long time.

One proven method of ensuring product launch success is to hire an entertainer who is experienced working product launches. What better way to engage the crowds than with Comedy Magicians, specifically Close-Up Magicians. Also referred to as a ‘roaming magician,’ this type of magician performs magic close up, right in front of a person or very small group. A close-up magician will mix and mingle in the crowd performing stunning sleight-of-hand magic tricks while delivering an engaging, professional presentation that pulls in the crowd. No matter the kind of event, magic brings people together and creates an environment where people can experience child-like curiosity again.

Contact us today so that we can start working on creative ideas for your next product launch.  Chris Funk is a magician who has created a hybrid of magic combining influence, intuition, illusion with hilarious comedy. Chris has also made a name for himself as one of Canada’s premiere close up magicians. He has been in demand for functions that range from black tie events to corporate functions to weddings and private parties. With over 17 years of studying the art of magic, Chris can and will guarantee exactly that. For more information about Chris Funk, please visit:

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