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Vancouver Entertainers Can Make Your Christmas Party A Hit

Forget About The Ho-Ho-Ho – Let A Stand-Up Comedian Put The Ha-Ha-Ha In Your Office Party

The holidays are just around the corner, which means your office’s Christmas party is nearly here too. But don’t start dreading the annual holiday mixer just because your last celebration was a disappointment. You can escape the awkward conversations you share with co-workers you barely see, and you can avoid your boss’ kids as they run wild through the rented hall in downtown Vancouver. All you have to do is learn from last year’s mistakes and invest in quality local entertainment. When you have a talented comedian lined up to entertain the guest list, your Christmas party is sure to be a hit!

Take Brent Butt for example. Though born and raised a farm-boy in the heart of Saskatchewan, Brent (along with his wife, Nancy Robertson) has called Vancouver home for the last several years. You’ll know him most by his award-winning comedy series, Corner Gas. Beloved by the world over, the show’s 6 seasons are syndicated in over 26 countries, including the US! Since then, Brent has gone on to star in multiple national and international comedy programs on such channels as A&E, HBO, CBC, and CTV. But Brent’s talents aren’t just for the television screen. With over 20 years of stand-up under his belt, Brent is at the top of the Canadian comedy circuit. His relaxed, clean, and positive style is perfect for any office party, whether it’s family friendly or adult-only. As “one of the funniest men in the country”, he’s guaranteed to make your office laugh!

Laughter isn’t the only sure thing when you book Perry James for your office party. Also a native of Saskatchewan, Perry now lives and works in Vancouver as a stand-up comedian with leanings towards magic and mentalism. But this is no ordinary magic show. As the country’s pre-eminent comedic magician, Perry’s deft hands will amaze and delight his audiences as he’s making them giggle. Relying on audience participation, Perry works with the crowd instead of for them; yet, no matter how close his audience gets to his tricks, they’ll never quite work out how he does it all. Known for his extraordinary mind reading abilities and his impressive shackle and chain escapes, Perry will captivate your office’s attention. Better yet, his high-energy and infectious humour will eke out belly laughs from everyone on the guest list!

You may not have heard of Bonnie Kilroe but that’s a testament to her skill as a celebrity impersonator. A woman of many faces and voices, your guest list will be shocked and amazed to realize that Cher, Patsy Cline, and Barbara Streisand are all the same person. By integrating music medleys and physical comedy, Bonnie’s able to bring to life the biggest divas of the century to your Vancouver event in shows like the Best of Broadway, Country Queens, and DIVAS: Vegas Meets Vaudeville. Your guest list will be taken in by her vocal versatility and might even participate in her wildly entertaining and hilarious shows!

Brent, Perry, and Bonnie are just three popular entertainers out of our roster of Vancouver-based performers ready to bring laughter to your holiday party. We have plenty more for you to explore on our website, where we’ve conveniently grouped Vancouver comedians all together. Of course, our site’s navigation is simple, and you can easily increase your search to include those performers who can travel to B.C. from other parts of the country. Take a look around and see who’s available for your end of year party.

The office’s annual Christmas party gets a bad rap. Don’t let yourself fall into the traps of bad party planning by forgetting the most important element – the entertainment. With a Vancouver-based comedian impressing your guest list, your invitees will enjoy their time spent with near strangers. In fact, they won’t want to leave. They’ll be too busy laughing over the hilarious stand-up of the country’s best talent! So give us a call and see how you can turn your Christmas party into one to be remembered.

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