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Vancouver Has Some Of The Best Entertainment – Why Not Bring It To Your Next Event?


Vancouver is the cultural heart and soul of Canada’s West coast – and in many ways, of the country itself. The city is full to bursting with art, music, literature and the kind of amazing landscapes most people in landlocked cities only get to dream about. All of these things make Vancouver the perfect city to host your corporate event, fundraiser, conference, seminar, or any other kind of gathering in, but they also set the bar pretty high. If you’re already in business here, then there’s no question you want everything associated with your work to reflect all the amazing things Vancouver has to offer; if you’re from out of town but planning to host a corporate event in Vancouver, you’ll want to make sure to take advantage of the amazing range of culture the city has to offer by hiring some of its best artists for your event. On the other hand, if you’re hosting an event in another city but want to make sure your entertainment is top-notch, a Vancouver comedian is a sure bet when it comes to creating a uniquely hilarious environment.

A big part of making your corporate event a success is making sure that you hire the right entertainment. At Corporate Entertainers, we got into the business of providing the best possible entertainers to suit your specific needs because we understand how the right act can make all the difference. The best entertainers can make people feel comfortable, happy to be there, and ready to engage with every other aspect of your event; plus, who doesn’t like to laugh? We’re acutely aware of the special requirements and challenges involved with planning a corporate event, and our mission is to provide you with the best possible artists to suit your specific needs, no matter what your business is, what you want your event to be like, or how big your crowd might be.

Our roster of Vancouver-based comedians is as diverse and impressive as the city they come from. We’ve got names you may recognize from TV and radio, like Corner Gas’s Brent Butt or frequent CBC guests like Erica Sigurdson, as well as more specialized performers like Perry James, whose act combines traditional stand-up with magic, or Norma McKnight, an acclaimed ventriloquist whose range of voices has been astounding audiences for years. These are just a few of the performers on our roster, and a small sample of the wide range of Vancouver-based entertainment we can provide for you and your event.

Vancouver is one of the capitals of comedy in Canada, and we’re thrilled to be able to send some of its amazing talent in the direction of your corporate event to help lighten the mood, ease the transitions between speakers, or just help everyone get in the spirit of the day. Our Vancouver comedians are the missing ingredient that will help to transform your corporate event from an everyday, run-of-the-mill corporate conference into an unforgettable, lively and fun experience that nobody will forget! Contact us today and find out how you can turn your next event into an exciting, fun show with the help of our roster of Vancouver comedians.


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