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Warm & Infectious, Howie Miller Brings Crowds Together

aboriginal_comedianBook Howie Miller, The Man With A “Native Sense Of Humour”

For those events that demand a performance that’s more than ordinary, Howie Miller is your source for distinctive, no-holds-barred comedy. Using his unique understanding of multi-ethnic stereotypes and aboriginal and pop cultures, Howie effortlessly unites crowds of diverse backgrounds together with laughter. Billed as one of the funniest Native American comedians working today, Howie can take your average function and transform it into an exceptional comedy experience.

Laughter and comedy is a huge part of Aboriginal culture, allowing its peoples to laugh over history and current events. Born and raised in Edmonton, Howie lets his Cree Nation heritage inform his performance style. No subject is considered off-limits, and his sets can bounce from observations about pop culture and celebrities to discussions about race and Aboriginal marginalization. What could be a difficult topic of discussion is handled delicately by Howie, who turns cultural differences into opportunities to laugh and bond. Howie navigates between these subjects in a way that’s guaranteed to please your audience, with no awkward lulls or chuckles.

Howie’s also a genuinely great guy who takes the moment to laugh in his everyday life. This joie de vivre bleeds into his shows, as you can tell that Howie is at his happiest entertaining others. Never one to take his role as a performer for granted, he values each minute on stage. It’s this humility that allows him to incorporate entertaining anecdotes about his son’s commercial success as one of the wolf-pack members in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse into his stand-up routine, delivering a hilarious commentary on Hollywood and the Aboriginal experience. As a down-to-earth father of four sons, he also takes every opportunity to make fun of the more basic experiences in life.

Though Edmonton may be his home, Howie has travelled most of North America, the UK, and Europe with his stand-up, performing for a variety of audiences. His natural rhythm, warm personality, and hilarious anecdotes are the reasons why he’s been a hit at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival and other prestigious, international events.

No stranger to television, Howie is also a regular on Canadian television screens. At the 2009 Gemini Awards he was nominated for “Best Writing in a Comedy or Variety Program” for his work in Caution: May Contain Nuts. He’s starred in such CBC specials as the Alberta Comedy Spectacular and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival: Welcome to Turtle Island 1& 2. He’s also appeared in his own half-hour comedy special, Comedy Now Presents Howie Miller. Most recently, he’s received critical acclaim for his work with the Pow Wow Comedy Jam, a three-man comedy troupe that tours North America. Their Showtime special earned them the title of “Entertainer of the Year” in 2011 by the National Indian Gaming Association. Just one year later, the National Indigenous Awards presented him with the “Comedic Performance of the Year”. As a darling of Showtime, Howie has also been featured in The Indian Comedy Slam, No Reservations Needed.

If you want a veteran comedian who can lead your audience through hilarious stories about Aboriginal culture, fatherhood, and the cult of celebrity, look no further than Howie Miller. Now travelling the country and occasionally dropping by CBC’s The Debaters, Howie is ready to fit your event between his next gig. Whether you need an experienced entertainer for a charity event, trade show, keynote, or something else, give us a call. It’s that easy to book one of the funniest Aboriginal performers in the country.


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