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When it comes to booking crowd-pleasing entertainment, many people assume the process is difficult — especially for first-time event planners. But if you make the choice to work with our directory, all the difficulty is completely removed from the equation. Let’s talk about how easy it really is to get started and how with our service, you can have the ball rolling in about five minutes!

All you have to do is fill out our easy-to-use Request Form. It will ask for your email address, name, phone number, and the name of the business or organization that you’re representing. Easy, right? Then we’ll need to know your city or town, your province, and the date of your upcoming event. Remember that we can cater to events that span multiple days, so if your function has ranges over a weekend or throughout a week, please let us know! Also, while we can always help you find a performer even a few days before an event, it’s best to give us as much forewarning as possible — we want to maximize our chances of finding your number one choice, of course!

We can also better serve you by knowing how many attendees you anticipate receiving. If you’re not one hundred percent sure, simply give us a ballpark figure and we’ll work from there. Another extremely helpful bit of information you can supply us with are the names of entertainers you’d be interested in hiring. This can be as short or long as you like, but it will already put us on the same wavelength, so to speak, in helping you find the perfect performer (or performers). While it’s certainly helpful if you write down the names of performers already in our roster, you can also mention non-affiliated entertainers to give us a sense of the style and range you’re looking for. We’re also always playing catch-up with updating our website with all the great professionals we work with. We often get in touch with performers not listed on our website and quickly secure them to appear at events.

Finally, we provide you with an Additional Comments box below — use this to tell us as much as you like about your upcoming function. The more details we have to work with, the more quickly and easily we can provide you with a proposal for speaker options. We’re here to help you through the process, make recommendations, offer alternative suggestions, and provide world-class customer service throughout the whole process. We can discuss what you’ll need for the performer(s) — microphones, PA equipment, lighting and sound, AV equipment, a green room, water or snacks, transportation, parking or driving instructions, and much more — to ensure a smooth ride.

With our attentive service, comprehensive database, experience in the industry, and great relationships with countless performers and agencies, making the decision to work with us is maybe the best — and easiest — one you’ll have to make for all your event-planning needs. Don’t sweat through making the search alone, and don’t worry about the finer details — we’ll help you through every situation and make sure your function is as memorable, smooth, and successful as possible.

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