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What Are Some Affordable Entertainment Ideas For A Corporate Event?


If you have knowledge of corporate events, then you have likely heard about some of the big name guests that have appeared at some of the bigger corporate events. Some of the really large corporations tend to bring in the big name celebrities for such events as product launches. It is a very effective way to attract media attention. However, not every company can pay the big bucks demanded by the big celebrities. So, what can a company do to get great entertainment that makes their event a success without blowing their event budget? Not to worry! There are many affordable entertainment options that will help make a business event a memorable experience for everyone.

When seeking great entertainment for an event, many people forget that there is a lot of awesome local talent, including local comedians, musicians, variety acts, and more. These talented professionals perform at local events such as fundraisers, schools, colleges, business events, and more. You can find these entertainers at a talent agency that categorizes their talent by region and city.

Hiring celebrity impersonators will be a lot of fun for your audience. There are many different types of impersonators such as: Elvis Presley, Don Cherry, Shania Twain, Cher, and much more. Impersonators will interact with guests, pose for pictures, and take special requests. As well, magicians, mentalists, and hypnotists are always a hit with the crowds and with a little creativity, you can integrate the event’s message into the entertainer’s performance.

What is important to remember about entertainment for an event is there are lots of choices available. At Corporate Entertainers, we have the best talent at a range of fees. Tracey Bell is an award winning celebrity impersonator. She has performed thousands of one-woman shows for special events, corporations and dozens of charities. In her fast paced musical revue, “8 Divas in 44 Minutes”, Tracey Bell transforms from Dolly Parton to Liza Minelli, Cher, Madonna, Shania Twain, Celine Dion and others.

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