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What Event Planners Look For In Comedian Performance Videos


For events that require upbeat and hilarious entertainment, comedians are a very popular choice. There are different types of professional comedians offering a range of comedy styles. For event planners looking to hire a comedian for their particular events, they will often watch videos of comedian performances so they can assess a few key aspects of the performance to help them make their decision.

When reviewing a comedian’s performance video, event planners will assess how the audience responds to the content and performance. This includes how often the audience laughs and the duration and intensity of the laughter. They will also evaluate the suitability of the content the comedian delivers for the particular venue, such as a corporate event, comedy club, charity event, etc. They tend to assess content for its broad appeal, and if the language is appropriate for their particular audience. For instance, a professional corporate event will normally require a comedian that delivers clean, non-offensive material. As well, event planners will assess if the content is relevant to the particular audience and event.  The video for Pete Zedlacher is an excellent example.

Watching comedian videos before you hire an entertainer will help you get an idea of what your audience will see on stage. Along with reviewing videos, it is helpful to check out comedian bios, experience, and testimonials. When you do your research and even ask for assistance from a talent booking agency, you will ensure that you get the right comedian who will help make your event a success.

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