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What Is Unique About Greek-Canadian Stand-Up Comedians?

Angelo_Tsarouchas_comedianWhen people think of Greek Comedy they tend to think of Ancient Greek Comedy. In other words, Greece is the country where theatre, more specifically, comedy and tragedy, was born. In ancient Athens, there were annual competitions not only in tragedy, but also comedy at the City Dionysia, starting in 486 B.C. In Greece and across the world, it took quite a long time for people to recognize and embrace the idea of Greek stand-up comedy. Greece’s emerging comedy scene and the comedians from other countries who are of Greek descent have now taken the world by storm.

Angelo Tsarouchas is a Greek-Canadian comedian and actor. Known as The Hitman of Hilarity, Angelo has more than just a pretty mobster face. Tsarouchas was born in Montreal and raised in Ottawa, but his family originally hails from Sparta. His material appeals to an incredibly wide range of audiences. Much of Tsarouchas’s humour pokes fun at his bulky figure and Greek heritage. He also derives his humour from the hilarious stories of growing up in a traditional Greek immigrant family in Montreal.

On the question, Does he feel that his Greek heritage has shaped his character?, Angelo Tsarouchas says in an interview with, “Absolutely, I think we all go through periods doubting who we are and why we are, but I realized that this is my name and this is who I am. It has helped me identify myself on the world stage and I wouldn’t want it any other way.” It was with some trepidation, Tsarouchas says, that he moved outside his comfort zone to go back to his Greek roots for a single comedy performance in Athens in November 2013, which was a success.

Angelo Tsarouchas’ ability to connect with audiences everywhere keeps this generously proportioned funnyman in demand. Touring across Canada and the United States, fellow comedians would ask Tsarouchas why Greeks were always so congenial to one another. “That’s just the way we are,” he would reply. “That’s the way we’ve been raised. We’re probably the proudest people on Earth.” For more information on Angelo Tsarouchas: please visit

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